3's & Young 4's


Language and Speech

· Listens to others

· Converses in a group about item familiar to child

· Enjoys being read to

· Encouraged to answer questions about simple stories

Small Motor Skills

· Plays finger games

· Beginning to learn to cut with scissors

· Strings beads

· Finger-paints

· Completes a puzzle up to 8 pieces

· Plays with play-dough

· Plays with small blocks

· Holds large crayons with fingers rather than fists

· Tears

· Squeezes

· Pats

· Pounds

· Begins to stack large blocks

Large Motor Skills

· Enjoys climbing particularly up a ladder

· Rides a tricycle

· Begins to catch and throw large balls

       · Runs

· Begins to walk on a line

· Swings

       · Slides

· Moves freely to music

Auditory Discrimination

· Can follow 2 oral instructions

· Can discriminate between loud and soft

· Can clap to a tempo

· Enjoys listening and singing to instruments and music

Reading readiness

· Knows 8 colors

· Knows 3 shapes

· Begins to understand spatial and size concepts (i.e. small/big, front/back, over/under)

· Is familiar with the library corner and utilizes it

Math readiness

· Can verbally count 1-10 by rote in English

· Can do simple measuring (1 cup, 2 cups etc.)

· Begins to order objects by size


Primary and secondary color recognition

Shape recognition

Body part identification

Five senses

Rhythm and body movement

Musical instruments

Name recognition

Food identification

Night and day concepts

Size identification and grouping

Counting and sorting skills (1-5)

Number recognition (1-10)

Development of associative play

Development of autonomy

Listening ability and attention span (15 – 20 min)

Location skills

Comparison skills

Sequencing skills

Safety rules