4's Class 

Sept. 22, 2023

See below for Judaic News from Morah Raizel

I hope you all had a safe and happy Rosh Shoshana. This week we jumped right into learning all about Yom Kippur, and Yonah and the fish story. For our morning circle activity we played a shofar game.  I hid a bumble bee under a colored shofar.  Each child had a chance to pick a colored shofar and they would try and guess which color it would be in. This is a great color recognition game as well as a memory game.

Now that we have been in school a few weeks I wanted to let you all know that In my class we really work on being independent. The children put their own water in the bucket, they put their lunch in their lunch box and backpacks in their cubby.  This also means they are putting on their own socks, shoes, and clothing (if they need to be changed).  I promise Miss Jaelyn and I are aware if their socks are inside out, or sometimes their shoes are on the wrong feet, or clothing is backwards. We definitely ask them if they would like to change their shoes to the correct feet, or fix their clothing, however we praise them for any task they have completed on their own.

On Thursday we had a group discussion regarding going to the bathroom. Some boys sit, some boys stand, girls always sit etc. I was explaining how important it is for boys to point their penis  towards the water so they don’t pee all over themselves, the seat, or the floor. So I was using the proper word penis for boys and vaginas for the girls. If your child is talking to you about this, at least you now know the reason.  This week the children took a trip to the front office to see the fish.

On Thursday we made honey cake. The children measured, poured, and mixed up all the ingredients. I know the children were so excited to eat them!

Important Reminders:

  • Please make sure your child has a complete change of clothing in their cubbies 

  • Please make sure your child has an am snack/pm snack even if they are getting a hot lunch

Until Next Week,

Miss Deana, [email protected]

Judaic News From Morah Raizel

Dear Parents,

I hope you all had an enjoyable Rosh Hashanah.  The children were excited to share their experiences on Monday.  During circle time, the children each had a turn to share what they did to celebrate Rosh Hashanah.  The children had so much to share, I wish we would have had enough time to just talk about Rosh Hashanah for twenty minutes.

Tashlich:  On Wednesday we took a trip to the koi pond at the entrance to the school and did the tashlich ceremony by throwing all of our mistakes into the water.  

Yom Kippur:  The children learned about why and how we celebrate Yom Kippur.  The major story that we discussed was the story of Yonah and the big fish.  The story of Yonah teaches us the power of teshuva, returning to our true selves, and the fact that even if we did not do the right thing, we are allowed to fix it.

Here are the children’s Rosh Hashanah Reflections:

  • Shira: I light the candles.
  • Yossi: I went to shul, hear the shofar and dip the apple in honey and challah.
  • Pinny: I went to shul. I put the stuff in the shul.
  • Milana: I went to Shira’s shul with Arnella too.
  • Harrison: Me and my brother made a honey cake. My mom helped me and my brother.
  • Tzion: I went in Morah Raizel’s house.
  • Musia: Eat a apple.
  • Senator: I eat apple.
  • Michael: I eat apple.
  • Leah: I just picked a pomegranate.  It was on Shabbos and it was not ready.
  • Tova: Go to shul.
  • Arnella: I went to Shira’s shul.
  • Sarah: The students came in my backyard and we had a meal.  We ate challah and honey and apple and I also light Shabbos candles.
  • Mussia: Only I eat the apple.

Wishing you and your family a gmar chatima tova, a meaningful Yom Kippur, and an easy fast.

Morah Raizel, [email protected]