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January 11, 2019

What a busy week we had! This week we learned letter “Ee”.  Our Sign Language words are: Eat, Elephant, and Eel.  Some new words we learned are: eel, exit enormous, elegant, email, and eggplant.  On Monday we had some gloomy weather, so I brought out some rope lights, and starlight lights and let the kids have some fun.  The starlight light put polka dots ALL over the classroom. The children sure enjoyed seeing the polka dots, on themselves, and on all the toys.  The rope lights allowed the children to put through all types of blocks, as well as our doll house area. Basically, we had a great time with them.  Floor puzzles are still a huge hit this week, and I can honestly say I’m loving all the “teamwork” I’m seeing. The children are learning, and communicating,  they are helping each other, and even praising each other.


For art this week we painted “Elmer the Elephant”.  We used our rainbow glitter paints, and our “fancy” paint cups. Let me tell you he turned out amazingly!  Once Elmer was finished, the children used the rest of the glitter paint to create their own masterpieces.  Lately the children are OBSESSED with finding treasures during recess times. I apologize for the teeny tiny sparkles that go home daily.  If you would like to sneak them away and bring them back to school, I would be happy to recycle them. Along with collecting treasures, sorting objects seem to keep them busy.  The children are now at the age where they are classifying objects. They are sorting them by color, size, shapes, and the objects themselves. Now is the time to have your child sort some laundry, and the dishwasher  (just kidding of course).


We have been discussing our first and last names, a really discussing the shapes of their letters(straight armed letters, and lazy armed letters). I brought out our our wipe-off boards and markers. Each child has their name written on paper and put inside a page protector.  This allows the children to write directly on the page that has their name written and it’s easily erased. I find that doing this type of writing allows the children to be stress free when they are trying to write. The children that are fearful of writing, or are stressed that they won’t be able to write their names correctly,  So by doing this type of an activity the children are still getting in their writing practice without the stress of having to be perfect.

Judaic News:

This week we learned the bracha Hamotzi.  We will learning all the brachos for the next few weeks. On Wednesday the children made pitas with Morah Rochel.  The kids added water, checked the eggs (to make sure there wasn’t any blood in them), and mixed it all up. During our morning circle, we played the game “What’s Missing” using Hamotzi items from our play food. The children really enjoy this game, and it also allows the children to work on their memory skills, visual perception skills, and even communication skills.


Important Information:

  • Please make sure your child has a COMPLETE change of weather appropriate clothing
  • Please check your child’s folder daily.
  • Please read the wellness policy in the parent handbook regarding our sick policy

Until Next Week,

Miss Deana