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November 16, 2018

Oh my goodness, I can’t believe Thanksgiving is right around the corner.  This week we learned letter “Dd”.  Our Sign Language words are: dog, dad and duck. Some new words we learned are: disappear, detective, and decorations.  We spent our week learning our songs, and practicing our Sign Language for the performance.  Our performance is Wednesday, November 21st. At 12:00 sharp, and let me just say the kids are SUPER excited! 

We have been checking on our pumpkin that we opened up and sadly it didn’t make it….The best part about Science is you never know what will happen.  We were hoping we would see the seeds start to sprout, but the only thing we saw was mold.  You win some, you lose some. Another fun Science activity we did with Morah Rochel was make pumpkin muffins.  The children were able to measure all kinds of ingredients, check the cracked eggs, smell the pumpkin purée, and spices, and stir all the ingredients together.  We will be eating them at our Thanksgiving feast. 

Art, art, and more art.  Art is always a huge hit, so this week we used watercolors on paper leaves.  Once they were all dry we laced them and hung them on our classroom line. We have started working on our centerpieces that will be on the tables at the feast.  When we went on our leaf hunt, we collected a bunch of tree pods, and I brought in pine cones. The children painted some, added glitter to some, and glued fun feathers on some them as well. 

Wednesday we welcomed a couple visitors from OCC.  they brought in an ice cream store prop box. It was filled with so many items to make all sorts of ice cream cones, ice cream sundays and even popsicles.  The children absolutely LOVED it. They were able to work a calculator, color on menus, and add toppings to their “ice cream masterpiece” as one of the children called their creation.  On Thursday we finally were able to swim. The children were sooooo excited. We did try and rest after swimming, however some friends didn’t sleep, so I apologize for any cranky kids! 

Important Reminders:

  • Please check your child’s cubby.  Please make sure your child has a complete change of clothes.
  • Please remember to sign the “hot lunch” form if your child is getting a hot lunch.  We don’t always get a chance to look beforehand so your help is greatly appreciated.

Until Next Week,

Miss Deana