4's Class Miss Deana 

September 18, 2020 


What a great busy week we had! I Introduced the class to our very first letter, letter Aa.  I will be teaching our letters out of order on purpose.  I find the children truly understand the letter, the sound, and the shape better than just singing the ABC song.  During the morning circle we talk about letters that have “straight arms”, and “lazy arms”, as well as which letter touches the top line, the middle, and the bottom line, and we compare the differences between upper and lower case.  All of these are an important process for actual writing.  

Our Sign Language words are: apple, alligator, and astronaut.  Some new words we learned are: author, amazing, acrobat, and artist. On Monday, the children Apple painted for letter A.  Every week the children will add a page to their very own alphabet book.  On Wednesday, the children used watercolors to paint an apple, and our color blending we did last week was still a hit. On Wednesday Morah Chanie brought in a bag of carrots.  The children worked on their fine motor skills and peeled them.  Once they were nice and soft, we got to eat them along with our afternoon snack.  

Judaic News:

This week we learned all about the holiday Rosh Hashana.  Morah Chanie brought in a couple different types of rams so the children could see what a shofar looks like on the ram, then we compared the difference between the shofar we have in our classroom and the ones in the picture.  A few differences were: “the shofar in our classroom is very small” and “the shofar in the picture was colored differently”,  just to name a few. On Tuesday the children worked on their honey plate.  The children used markers and stickers and created a masterpiece, that I’m sure you will love!  Thursday we took a walk over to the big school. The children LOVED seeing the fish.  Morah Chanie explained all about Tashlich.

Important Reminders:

Please make sure you sign your child in/out daily.

If your child is getting hot lunch please sign their name on the hot lunch sheet

I hope you all have happy and safe Rosh Hashana,


Miss Deana


Dip the Apple

(to tune of “Clementine”)

Dip the apple, in the honey 

Make a bracha, loud and clear,

Leshana Tova Umetooka

Have a happy sweet New Year.

The Sound of the Shofar

Tune: The Wheels on the Bus…

The sound of the Shofar  goes toot, toot, toot

toot, toot, toot, toot, toot, too,

The sound of the Shofar goes toot, toot, toot,

On Rosh Hashana morning.

The shape of my challah is round, round, round

round, round, round, round, round, round,

The shape of my challah is round, round, round,

Because it’s Rosh Hashanah

I am a great big Shofar...

I am a great big Shofar, guess what I can do.

I am a great big Shofar, guess what I can do.

I say Tekeeeeeeah (1)

Shevarim, Shevarim, Shevarim (3)

Teruah, Teruah, Teruah, toot, toot, toot, (9)