4's Class 

January 27, 2023

We  jumped right into learning the letter “Gg”.  Our Sign Language words are: gorilla, girl, and giraffe.  Some new words we learned are: galoshes, guest, and gabbed. During our morning circle we played “The Name Game” using our last names.  The children are doing great recognizing some of  the letters in their last name in print.

We are still learning about winter, as well as  winter animals. Wednesday, the children used dot markers to paint a snow hat. We added arctic animals in our play. From Magnatile houses for penguins, to Lego dens for the polar bears.  We added whales into our pretend snow which is still  a class favorite this week!

Judaic News:

This week we learned the brocha Mezonot

On Monday we colored pasta in various colors. We have used the pasta for collating, as well as our sensory table. Morah Chanie introduced the children to their Hebrew names in print.  We will be using these cards in various types of play. Our Mizonot bread is starting to mold FINALLY. So far, just the sandwich bread is getting moldy.  The Parsha this week talks about the  last of the 10 commandments and how the Jews left Mitzrayim (Egypt). We learned that the Jews took Matzoh with them and that Hashem sent an angel to show the Jews where to go. 

Important Reminders:

  • Please sign your child in/out daily

  • Please make sure your child has an am/pm snack daily 

Until Next Week,

Miss Deana

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