4's Class Miss Deana 

May 17, 2019 

What a busy week we have had.  The letter this week is letter “Jj”.  Our Sign Language words are: jellyfish, Jaguar, and jump.  Some new words we learned are: jam, jamboree, jersey, and jaguar.  We started practicing for our end of the year performance. We are working hard on our Sign Language words we will be singing. Morah Raizel is teaching the children two additional songs as well.

For free art this week I brought out colored chalk and water.  This activity turned into a great conversation activity for the children. Not only was it a free art and fine motor activity, it also turned into a Science activity as well. The children were able to see and compare the color changes, as well as color blending.  One of the children noticed that their water was changing colors, and another child noticed once their paper was dry the color was lighter.  During the activity, the children were explaining to each other how to make certain color changes, and expressing how nice their paper was.


We have only one more letter to learn, and then we have completed all of them. On Tuesday, I brought out some of our old marker tops and the children were able to use them for a letter fill using some of our past letters.  Another letter activity we did the week was letter weaving. The children used different letters to string on our weaving board. This board is an on going project, that we started at the beginning of school year.


We started discussing the holiday Lag B'Omer.   I taped a few garbage bags together and taped them up in our dollhouse area to create a cave. I also hung some twinkling lights around the doll houses to represent the stars.  We will be playing in the cave all next week, so all the children will be able to enjoy it.

Important Reminders:

  • Please make sure your child has a COMPLETE change of clothes in their cubby
  • Please sign your child in/out daily
  • If your child is getting a hot lunch, please sign the hot lunch form

Until Next Week,

Miss Dean