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January 17, 2020




Judaic News from Morah Raizel 



What a great week we had! This week we learned letter “Ss”.  Our Sign Language words are: snake, sister, and snail. Some new words we learned are: scrumptious, sardine, salamander and salsa.  For Science this week we made slime.  Oh boy did my little friends LOVE playing with it.  We made a few different colors, and we added plastic trains, planes, and boats to squeeze into the slime (even in slime we can practice our fine motor skills).  I apologize if your child came home with bits of slime on their clothes, but trust me the fun they had playing with it was worth it. So please, please, please, do NOT send your child to school in fancy clothes.  Preschool is a fun and messy place, and Miss Rosie and I do our best to keep the mess at school, but sometimes the mess makes its way home. Now that we’re halfway into January please check your child’s cubby, to make sure your child has weather appropriate extra clothing, as well as making sure it’s the correct size.


The children have been very interested in writing the letters in their names, and comparing who has the same letters in their first names and last names. They have been doing a lot of comparisons in all types of ways.  For example, “who’s wearing blue, or pants, or brown hair etc”.these small comparisons are the first steps to multiplication, as well as color and number recognition, as well as understanding of less and more.

Over the next few weeks we will be learning all about Brochot.  This week we learned Hamotzi. The children painted a big challah for our bulletin board and we played “What’s Missing” during our morning circle time.  On Wednesday, I brought out some shaving cream and we pretended it was snow for letter “Ss”.  The children almost liked the shaving cream as much as the slime they told me, but not quite!  

Important Reminders:

There is NO school and NO daycare available on Monday January 20, 2020

Please sign your child in/out daily.

If your child is getting a hot lunch please sign them up on the hot lunch form.

Please make sure your child’s belongings are labeled (jackets, water bottles, backpacks, lunches, share toys).

Until Next Week,

Miss Deana