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NOVEMBER 8, 2019



This week we learned letter “Rr”.  Our Sign Language words are: rose, raccoon, and rabbit.  Some new words we learned this week were: radio, radish, and rake.  We started practicing our sign language words that we will be using for our Thanksgiving performance and feast which will be on: Wednesday, November 27, 2019. The children have been really into stickers, and coloring.  Stickers are a great way for the children to work on their pincer grasp. On Wednesday, I brought out the weaving board. The children added several red items liked red rectangles, red roses, and red applesauce tops. 


This is the time of year where the children are becoming more independent, so if your child comes home with a shirt on backwards, or shoes on the wrong feet, please know we have definitely noticed, and asked “do you want to change it?” Remember the fact that they did it themselves is something to be proud of, it’s the small little victory’s that count.  In class we’re working really hard for the children to put their own items in their cubby, putting their lunch on the lunch shelf, and even putting their Mitzvah note in the red bucket. They are also serving themselves snacks at snack time. We are also encouraging them to try and open their lunch containers, and throwing away their trash. I have to say they are getting to be really independent people. 


With strange weather comes runny noses and coughs.  We have been really working on using tissues rather than sleeves or arms, and catching our sneezes and coughs with our elbows.  In class we have been practicing how to actually use a tissue, what we say is “pinch and pull”, wash. I have found by saying this the children are not just smearing it all over their cheeks, and they get used to washing their hands right away (water, soap, rub, water, towel, turn off water) that’s a lot for them to remember so we practice A LOT! 


Another class favorite this week has been playdough.  Playdough is a great way for the children to squeeze, poke, and roll out.  All these tasks are a great way for the children to get in some pre-writing practice.  Our letter “R” art this week was painting using rocks. The children thought this concept was rather funny.  Having them using something hard to paint with instead of a paintbrush gave the children a different feel and texture, and a great sensory activity.


Important Reminders:

There is no school on Monday November 11, 2019 for parent conferences.  If you need daycare please speak to Morah Chanie ASAP


Please sign in/out daily 


Until Next Week,

Miss Deana