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March 15, 2019  

What a fun week we have had!  We learned letter “Oo”.  Our Sign Language words are: owl, orange, and octopus.  Some new words we learned are: orchestra, juggling, and ocean.  For art this week we used our watercolor bricks and painted a clown and a Mishloach manos picture.  Since the children are mastering our classroom puzzles, I brought a few new (more pieces) puzzles. One of the puzzles is a 3-D type puzzle.  Once you attach one end you need to find the match on the other side, which will allow you to connect the next piece. Needless to say the children have now figured out how to make a table length rectangle. Next challenge is a triangle like a Haman hat!


Our marble maze activity is still a class favorite this week.  It’s amazing for me as the teacher to watch all the communication going on between the children. It’s a give and take kind of play.  The end result is for the marble to use all the ramps they have attached. So the children literally have to figure out the best way to achieve the overall goal. Playing with this type of toy teaches the children hand eye coordination, spatial thinking, imagination, perseverance, and problem solving. Marble runs are great for open ended building and a great STEM activity. 


Judaic News:

Purim, Purim, Purim!  We spent the week continuing to  learn all about Purim. My little friends are so excited to hear the Megilla, wear a costume, and shake their groggers.   On Thursday the children decorated a mask. I brought out markers and stickers and the children had a fun creative morning.  


I have added a few Purim cookie cutters to our play dough activity.  The children have now opened a hamantash cookie business. According to the children they were selling “hamentashen, ice cream pizza, king Achashverosh burritos, and queen Esther cupcakes”.  I love how they act out the stories Morah Raizel tells them during circle. Our classroom castle and Purim people box is a class favorite. I changed it up a bit by adding our own classroom picture blocks to play with as well.  Just by adding those blocks, their play has completely changed. The children are able to pick which character they are according to their story. Retelling a story helps the child develop a sense of the stories structure, and a great way to practice their pre-reading skills


Important Reminders:

  • Please RSVP if you will be attending our Preschool Purim party.
  • Make sure your child has a weather appropriate complete change of clothes.

Until Next Week,

Miss Deana