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March 17, 2020 


With what’s going on now, this is definitely NOT how I planned to teach my little friends.  Here are some fun, easy, and inexpensive activities that can help keep your children busy while there is no school.



Sensory Play:

  • Shaving cream- add toys (fun way to clean the before Passover) also let your child wear their bathing suit and put them in the bathtub and let them go (easy clean up, and your tub will get cleaned in the process)
  • Container full of cotton balls, and water bottle tops.  The children can sort by color, by soft objects, hard objects. Graph which they had not of.  Also great touch and count practice, and less or more.


  • Count objects around the house, or their toys and graph (more/less)
  • Color sorting
  • Easy homemade puzzles (trace Lego/blocks/Magnatiles on a paper and the children match the objects
  • Memory game use a deck of cards or simply make them using paper
  • Organization race (organize their toys, clothing in a drawer, shoes etc. plus their helping you around the house as well. Win, win)




  • Loose parts play (find random items around the house all types of textures and sizes and simply see what the children can make
  • Scavenger hunt around the house/yard. First one done is the winner (let the winner choose what book they want to read before bed time, picks the cup they want to use at dinner first etc)




  • Read books and have them draw something special about the book.
  • Staple a few pieces of paper together and let the children create their own books.  Organize their books by category . (Animal, people etc. again this helps keep them busy and they’re cleaning up as well.

I would love to communicate to the kids while we’re not in school.  If your interested, please have your child send a little note/pic to me and I can send one back to them. My address is:

            Deana Dillon

            10547 Semora St

            Bellflower CA 90706



Class Schedule

8:00-9:30      Free Choice

9:45-10:15     Judaic Circle Songs

10:15-10:30    Snack/Bathroom

10:30-11:15     Recess

11:15-11:30      Circle

11:30-12:30     Lunch/Bthrm/stories

12:45-1:00      Quiet Time/Cots Down

1:00-1:30      Rest

1:30-2:30     Wke-up/Bthrm/Act.

2:30-3:00     Snack/Recess

3:00-3:30     Closing Circle


If the circle time songs link does not work go to youtube  - My first Sing Along Siddur.