Greetings from TK / Pre-K - Miss Kristine

January 27, 2023

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Dear Families,

This week we worked on the sound for /L/.  As we move throughout the alphabet, some sounds become more challenging.  L is easy enough to hear, but for some, it is hard to say.  We practiced isolating the sound, along with listening for it in words.  We made lovely llamas for our books and, of course, we had to read Is Your Mama a Llama? by Deborah Guarino.  This series is always fun to read to the children.  We also made a cute  L book with pictures to place on the pages and we did our word match.  Everyone did their best work and felt successful during the process.  

Continuing our winter theme, we read The Mitten.  This is a Ukrainian Folktale, adapted and illustrated by Jan Brett.  This story teaches sequencing, allowing for the child to make predictions.  With a pattern in the story, the children feel confident being able to retell the story successfully.  For our story connection, we made giant mittens that the children decorated and laced.  Then they colored and cut out animals to put inside the mitten, giving them a nice prop to hopefully use to retell the story at home.  They worked hard on this activity and had fun.  Everyone was excited to take their stuffed mittens home.  

We are continuing work with our word families in class along with our Montessori math.  

Have a great weekend,

Ms Kristine