Greetings from TK / Pre-K - Miss Kristine

Sept. 22, 2023

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Dear Families,

This week in TK, we had a fun and busy week.   We have been together 17 days now, and we are really feeling closer as a group.  I hope this brings a more relaxed and comfortable environment for everyone.  We will continue to focus on maintaining that connection and keeping up with our classroom routines.

In class we worked on the sound for /P/.  We made fun penguins that we painted, cut, and  assembled.  Everyone's penguin came out so cute and unique.  We also made beautiful peacocks, and purple and pink picture frames, decorated with puzzle pieces to place our person art.  (Say that three times).  Everyone was so proud of their framed art.   We also colored and cut pictures of things that start with /P/. 

For sensory and fine motor development, we practiced picking up pom poms with tweezers and placed them in small trays.  We also made pink and purple play dough.  The kids helped with the measuring and  mixing.  We made enough to keep some for the classroom as well as everyone getting to take some home.  

For math, we practiced making patterns with geometric shapes.  The kids had fun with the stickers. This week I introduced the teen board to the class.  This is a Montessori math material that helps to show children how a ten and ones make teens. This is a visual and physical approach to building numbers to enable understanding.  The process includes colored beads 1-9 and golden bead rods for 10.  They use number tiles on a 10 board throughout to match the numeral to the quantity of the bead pairing. The children did a great job with their first introduction.  

I hope everyone has an easy Yom Kippur,

Ms Kristine

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