Greetings from TK - Miss Kristine

May 17, 2024

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Dear Families,

This week we are all about the butterflies.  We are learning about and witnessing the lifecycle of the butterfly. 

We started with making a spinning wheel that allows the children to see that the cycle is an ongoing circle.  They understand that the egg comes from the butterfly and the cycle starts all over again. Then, we practiced recognizing our vocabulary words by doing a word match for egg, caterpillar, chrysalis, and butterfly.  The children colored a picture diagram and placed the words in the correct spot.  

We also built a diagram where the children displayed different pasta shapes for each stage and then they labeled each model with the proper word.   The children did this entire activity with confidence because they were all able to recognize the vocabulary.  I think that is pretty impressive.  

To add to the experience, we learned some fun facts about butterflies.  Our favorite one is that butterflies taste leaves with their feet.  Since butterflies go through a metamorphosis, they have a different diet from their previous form.  While caterpillars eat leaves, butterflies sip nectar.  Therefore, a butterfly tastes leaves with their feet.  This way, they make sure they lay their eggs on a good leaf for their little caterpillars as it will be their first bite of food once hatched.  The children thought that made them pretty good moms.  

Our study of butterflies is truly hands on.  I am sure you have heard the news....  We have butterflies!!!!!!  Well, we have 10 tiny caterpillars that will soon become butterflies.  They arrived Tuesday,  and in the past three days, our little caterpillars have doubled in size.  They will continue to eat and grow for about 7-10 more days.  At that point, they will form their chrysalides and stay at that stage for 7-10 more days.  So I am predicting we will have butterflies around June 3-7.   We will be waiting with anticipation.   

Our year is winding down, but we still want to stay on top of things and make sure our children have everything they need for a successful day in school.  Here are a few reminders.:

  • Please replace all clothes if something goes home soiled.  
  • Please send a clean and filled water bottle to school each day.
  • Please send your child to school in shoes they can play in.  Boots are not great for climbing and running.
  • Please keep all home toys HOME!

Thank you and have a great weekend,

Ms Kristine

[email protected]