3's Class - Miss Lisa & Morah Mimi

March 19, 2023


Message from Miss Lisa

I assume that you are seeing your child making a lot of observations regarding
letter awareness at home because I am sure seeing it at school. Where they used to
just note the first letter of a friend’s name, they are now looking at all of the letters
that make up the words! This is why I have been using all capital letters in the
classroom. They notice that Emma has two of “Michael’s ‘M’s” How many friends
have Ari and Ariel’s “A” in their names...wait a minute, Ariel has Ari’s name in
her name! They are also recognizing the letters in our environment like our books,
clothing, and food labels. They also think that they are pretty hot snot by using
their thumb and forefinger to make the letter “L.” For group time we played Guess
What’s Missing using letters. I put out everyone’s initial letter in their name and
then a few random extra letters. The children can first look for their own letter,
then a friend’s. Some of them will yell out “Dovber!” because they know it is his
letter but not that it is called “D.” These abstract squiggles we use to read are
resonating in their brains because of the relevance to the children personally.
Humans are so predictably egocentric.
We revisited our “Sink/Float” activity on Thursday. The students found waterproof
items around the classroom to put into the water, we made the prediction of sink or
float and the children showed that they needed physical help to refrain from
dropping the item into the water before making their prediction. This is that
developmental impulse control that they work so hard at, they get SO excited to
put the item in the water and to touch the water that they no longer care why we’re
doing it. I attempted the scientific process and wondered aloud why it floated or
sank but the kids were off to make more toys wet...priorities Miss Lisa!
Perceptual Motor Course
The rain had us getting creative with how to let the children get their gross motor
muscles moving. We made an obstacle course on the playground with balance
beams, hopping in hoops, the floor piano, and Mora Mimi’s trampoline. The
students are showing such improvement from the beginning of the school year in
coordination and patience.

Message from Morah Mimi   

Dear Parents,

We are in full Pesach (Passover) mode!!  We have heard the story many times and are  singing  songs and using puppets and masks to tell the story.  At our science table,  we have a big picture of the Red Sea split.  The children are using kinetic sand to play with special items symbolizing  the 10 plagues( makkos).  For the plague of  blood, we  use a red cup. We also have frogs and  people with boils on them and bugs to represent the plague of  lice, and there are small wild animals and cattle and little rocks for hail  and tiny  grasshoppers for locusts.  We have  sunglasses to symbolize the plague of  darkness, and a little baby to represent the  illness of the first born son. 

Pharaoh song:

Oh listen, oh listen, oh listen King Pharaoh.  

Oh listen, oh listen, Please let my people go.  

They work so hard all day, They want to go away,

King Pharaoh, King Pharaoh, What do you say?  

No, No, No, I will not let them go.  

No, No, No, I will not let them go. 

Ten Makkos song:

Ten makkos , makkos ten.  The Mitzrim were punished again and again.  

We have started to decorate our Pesach books with many Pesach items inside. 

We used glitter glue to decorate our cup of Eliyahu.  

We added tissue paper to beautify  our Seder plates. We added stickers to our Ma Nishtana books. 

We had a model Sedar to practice what our Sedar will look like at home but just much shorter. 

We will continue to tell the story of Pesach and decorate our Pesach items. 

Shabbat Shalom! Have a wonderful weekend!

Miss Lisa 

Morah Mimi [email protected]