3's Class - Miss Lisa & Morah Mimi

November 18, 2022 - Cheshvan 24, 5783


Message from Miss Lisa

Scissors, tape, and tongue depressors

The children have been gravitating toward the colored masking tape almost daily. This is a great way to gain mastery with scissors because just one snip equals success. We put out wooden tongue depressors and the students have been taping them onto their papers, taping them together, and coloring them with markers. When a paper comes home, ask your child to tell you about it or ask how they made it; they have had very definite plans that they carried out which demonstrates attention span and cognitive development. 

Several students have been wrapping our micro-dramatic animals up with tape to help their “Boo boos” feel better and this led to suspending them around the room and observing how long they stay dangling from the counter. The scientific method is being carried out even at age three. 

Memory Skills

We do a lot of activities that work on memory and recall skills during our day. Aside from being fun they assist in developing: cognitive processing, decision making, problem solving, organizing information, and they even enhance children’s ability to store and regain memories. So physiologically, actual synapses are firing in the brain and it is developing as they play. The mighty power of play! 

A group time favorite is Guess What’s Missing. Lately it has been with shapes. They are presented, covered, then one is removed. This also works the process of elimination skill. Just in the time I have been with this group I am seeing improvement in their ability to determine what is missing. They are also quite zealous in yelling the answer and feeling very proud when they get it right. 

I picked up an old school battery operated Simon Says game for the students to try. For you youngins, the game flashes lights with  corresponding sounds and the children are challenged to repeat the increasingly complex patterns. Visual and audio work, memory, patterning to enhance math skills, what a great idea Miss Lisa, right? Well it was a hilarious EPIC FAIL! The children absolutely could NOT wait until it finished lighting up. Like I was physically holding their hands to help them wait and they HAD to start pushing buttons. As technology advances our patience diminishes I guess, but we will keep trying.

We hope to see all of you for our Thanksgiving Day performance and feast. 

I can’t guarantee they will sing, I can’t guarantee they will get on the stage, I can’t guarantee they won't cry. What I do know is they are VERY excited for the day and it will be quite adorable!

Judaic News from Morah Mimi

Dear parents,

This week, we sang Thanksgiving songs 

 TTTO: Are You Sleeping?
We eat turkey. We eat turkey.  Oh so good, oh so good. 
Always on Thanksgiving, always on Thanksgiving.
Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum, yum.
TTTO: Did You Ever See a Lassie 
Did you ever see a turkey, a turkey, a turkey? 
Did you ever see a turkey wobbling this way and that? He goes this way and that way, and this way, and that way. Did you ever see a turkey wobbling this way and that?

We added feathers to our turkeys. The children participated in an interactive story using colored felt feathers that they each brought up to decorate the turkey on the board.  

The children are learning to use glue to stick things on their papers. 

The parshah of this week is Chayei Sarah. 

We learned that Avrahom was looking for a wife for his son Yitzchok. He sent Eliezer to  search for a kind wife for him. He saw that after a long trip in the desert,  Rivka gave his thirsty camels water from a well. This made him realize that she was the appropriate wife for Yitzchock. He gave her jewelry and other gifts.  . 

We read the book Kind Little Rivka by Dina Rosenfeld.

Shabbat Shalom! Have a wonderful weekend!

Miss Lisa [email protected]

Morah Mimi [email protected]