3's Class - Miss Lisa & Morah Mimi

May 17, 2024


News from Morah Mimi below!

Spring FUN

We have added to our exploration of spring. We have flowers EVERYWHERE that would hold still long enough and some on our science table that they can “plant” in the pretend grass. We also have micro-dramatic insects, rocks & crystals, and mini stumps to explore and arrange.

Life Cycles

After talking about the life cycle of a butterfly with The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carl, we expanded on the concept with life cycle manipulatives. We had the butterfly, honey bee, frog, and ladybug as table choices this week. Each one has 4-5 different pieces that show each unusual stage in the metamorphoses of these creatures. 

We also used magnifying glasses to check out some cool insects trapped in resin as well as geodes and amethysts. Lots of science and nature this week! 

Rock Crayon Rubbings

Some friends opted to experiment with doing rubbing to create images. We have several raised templates: bugs, flowers, birds, leaves. The children put their paper on top of them and use our rock crayons to rub back and forth until the picture below comes through. As beautiful as the outcome is, this is NOT a creative endeavor. It requires following directions and moving in a very specific way. Some friends became frustrated with the process and left the activity and this is OKAY! They are not “there” yet developmentally. Others wanted to do it over and over. When the products come, be sure to ask “How did you make this?” 

With warmer weather, water play will be a daily option so please make sure that your child has a complete change of clothes in their cubby daily.


News From Morah Mimi

Dear Parents,

On Tuesday, we had our Israel celebration where the children visited different cities in Israel.  They went to Yerushalayim, where they made pictures of their wishes from Hashem and then taped them to the “Kotel”.  They joined in Israeli dancing in Tel Aviv, dug for artifacts in Be’er Sheva, and painted in Tzfat.  The experience ended with singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to Israel and eating delicious cupcakes.  Of course, we had falafel for lunch.  It was delicious.

We learned all about the holiday of Lag B’ Omer,  the 33rd day of the counting of the Omer until we receive the Torah on the holiday of Shavuos.  Every day, we add another flower to our mountain.

We are learning different kinds of mitzvos. Some of the mitzvot we talked about::

  • sharing with our friends, 
  • being nice to our teachers and parents, 
  • helping at home. 

We talked about Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai.  We read the book “The Story of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai by Genendel Krohn”. 

Have a good Shabbas and a wonderful weekend! 

Morah Mimi, [email protected]