3's Class - Miss Lisa & Morah Mimi

February 16, 2024

Group Time

One of our favorite activities in the group activity rotation is Little Mouse, Little Mouse. I have 8 different colored felt houses, behind one of which the elusive mouse is hiding. I switched it up and put characters from our other favorite flannel stories behind the other houses. Then we act shocked that other friends came to visit our game. It also adds to the cognitive challenge: not just remembering the one house with the mouse; but which house has Pete the Cat, the Big Bad Wolf? etc. 

Science Center

We are exploring acorns and pine cones along with scooping, pouring, and dumping birdseed in a small sensory bin. 


We put our large animals into our playdough this week just to see how the play changes. The students were making food for the animals as well as pushing the animals into the dough to observe foot and whole body impressions. The next day we cleaned our animals with shaving cream and shaving brushes. After the animals were sufficiently covered, many friends just rubbed their hands around the table or drew with their fingers in the cream.