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Miss Emily & Morah Sarah

February 16,  2024

This week in preschool we’ve had so much fun! Our friends are starting to show empathy which
is so amazing. You can hear around the classroom “can I play with you?” and usually the
answer is “yes!” To see our friends playing so nicely together brings us so much pride as
teachers. Of course, sometimes the answer is “no” and then the friend must learn to accept the
answer, which is so hard sometimes. We teach our friends to respect each others’ boundaries
and to respect the answer given to them.

During circle time we’ve been doing a lot of “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” and “Pete the Cat” felt
stories. They’ve been the most requested lately. Both these stories teach math and colors. The
caterpillar story teaches the days of the week and the life cycle of a caterpillar as well! Both
great learning opportunities and our friends have so much fun helping tell the story.

During davening we’ve been talking about how everyone davens. Mommy and daddy and us,
we all say thank you to Hashem! It’s been a great lesson in teaching our friends the importance
of saying these brachas and thanking Hashem for what he’s given us. We still do modeh ani,
shema, and how to wash our hands but we’ve also added Torah and aleph beis! What a
mitzvah to say thank you to Hashem!

Until next week,
Ms. Emily and Morah Sarah

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