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Miss Emily & Morah Sarah

May 17,  2024

This week in preschool!

We visited Israel on Tuesday and our friends had so much fun. First we rode the plane with the whole preschool and then we were able to travel around the country doing different activities. We started with a dance party, then we went and excavated treasure from the sandbox, moved on to painting pictures, and finally wrote a special note to Hashem and taped it on the Kotel. We ended the whole trip by singing happy birthday Israel and got a cupcake to celebrate! It was such a fun experience.

We did a fun STEM activity this week as well. We had some gears and a motor and the goal was to make all the gears we put down spin when we turned it on. It took a lot of trial and error and team work! We love team work!

Speaking of team work, we’ve been seeing a lot more collaborative games around the classroom. Friends are starting to play together and work on that aspect socially. This social-emotional work is so important to their development because it’s the precursor to building relationships. We’re so proud of how nice everyone is playing together.

The weather is changing so please keep in mind the clothes you send your child to school in. It’s getting warmer in the afternoon and we often go outside after nap. Just keep that in mind. Also, if you haven’t refreshed your extra clothes, please consider doing so. A lot of the stuff we have is either too small, empty, or for winter. Just consider sending some new things to replenish that stock. Thank you!

Until next week,

Ms. Emily and Morah Sarah

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