Pre-K / TK Judaic News 

Sept. 22, 2023

Morah Raizel

Dear Parents,

I hope you all had an enjoyable Rosh Hashanah.  The children were excited to share their experiences on Monday.  During circle time, the children each had a turn to share what they did to celebrate Rosh Hashanah.

Self-Portraits:  Every Rosh Chodesh, or the beginning of each Jewish month, the children draw self-portraits by looking in a mirror and trying to depict themselves correctly.  This was a new activity for a lot of the children and we look forward to working on this skill each month.

Tashlich:  We took a trip to the koi pond at the entrance to the school and did the tashlich ceremony by throwing all of our mistakes into the water.  

Yom Kippur:  The children learned about why and how we celebrate Yom Kippur.  The major story that we discussed was the story of Yonah and the big fish.  The children colored Yonah and fish puppets and made the project their own by adding all of the necessary characters and props to their collection.  The story of Yonah teaches us the power of teshuva, returning to our true selves, and the fact that even if we did not do the right thing, we are allowed to fix it.

Here are the children’s Rosh Hashanah Reflections:

  • Yaakov: I gave Zalman honey and challah with Ari in my house.
  • Dovber: I dipped the apple in honey in my first new jar.
  • Malkah: I ate a new fruit. I eat challah dipped in honey.
  • Sarah G: I went to Bella’s house two times. I had a honey stick.
  • Bella: I heard the shofar. I didn’t eat anything only except the meat and the noodles.
  • Zohar: My Daddy did a good shofar.
  • Elijah: Apple and honey.
  • Rose: I eat the apple in the honey.
  • Sarah N: I did tashlich.
  • Ari: I shared my honey with Yaakov.

Wishing you and your family a gmar chatima tova, a meaningful Yom Kippur, and an easy fast.

Morah Raizel

[email protected]