Pre-K / TK Judaic News 

February 16, 2024

Morah Raizel

Dear Parents,


This week we explored the bracha of shehakol.  We talked about which foods fall under the category of shehakol.  Some highlights this week included making cloud dough (cornstarch and moisturizer) and making ice cream with puffy paint (glue and shaving cream).  Both activities attracted a lot of attention and inspired creativity.

 Parshas Terumah

The Parsha this week is Terumah, which means a donation.  I explained to the children what a donation is.  Hashem wants us to make this world a home for Him. In the desert, the Jewish people built a Mishkan aka a tabernacle.  The Jewish people needed to donate the materials to build the Mishkan.  Here are some materials they brought: Gold, silver, copper, wool, goat hair, tachash skin, olive oil, spices, cedar wood, and precious stones.  The Jewish people were so excited to donate that Moshe had to tell them to stop bringing materials, they had enough.

We also talked about the vessels built for the Mishkan and how the Mishkan was like a tent that could be built and taken apart.  There was the beautiful shulchan, the table that held loaves of bread, the golden menorah, the holy aron, the ark, with the two angels on top, and the big mizbeach, altar, where animals were brought as gifts to Hashem.

I asked the children what they do to make Hashem feel welcome in their home. Here are their responses:

Abri: By davening.
Yaakov: I could daven.
Bella: Say shema when it’s bedtime.
Sarah G: Share my bed with my guest.
Ari: Give tzedakah before shabbos.
Elijah: I share my food.
Malkah: I set up my table.
Zohar: I light the candles with my Mommy.
Sarah N: Saying shema with my Mommy.
Dovber: Praying Hashem.

Shabbos Backpak

Just like Avi the giraffe, we have a rotation with our special Shabbos Backpack.  The backpack includes special shabbos items as well as books and a journal to be filled out after Shabbos. The backpack should be returned by Monday morning. A few children already have had a turn and it is a big hit.

Best wishes for a restful Shabbos and an enjoyable weekend!

Morah Raizel

[email protected]