Greetings from TK / Pre-K - Miss Kristine

November 18, 2022


Dear Families,

This week was busy doing all things fall as we embrace the arrival of Thanksgiving.  We talked about what Thanksgiving means to us.  We are so lucky to have many people and things in our lives to be thankful for.  The children did a creative writing activity that asked that very question.  Everyone did beautiful and thoughtful work.  Here are some of our answers:

I am thankful for:

Eve -   my brother
Tzofia -   all the trees
Hadassah -   my bed
Audrey -    my mom and dad and brother
Nati -    my baby sister
Shimshon -   my toy race cars
Claire -    my cats
Maya S .-   my dog and my family
Bassie -    my dog
Rina -    my baby sister
Rebecca P. -    "I just love my family" 
Yosef -    my sister Luna
Lielle-   giving hugs
Sara-    my friends
David Melech-    my mom and dad
Daniel-    Saba and Savta giving me my new backpack
Maya C.-   my mommy
Luna-   when my Saba and Savta come
Meir-  my Tate
Noa-   my mom
Bella-    my mommy

As we continue working on letter C, we made corn by matching squares onto a type of graphing paper.  We used yellow as well as purple, brown, and orange to look like  Indian corn .  The children got creative and went beyond, curling their leaves and adding faces.  We hung them to add to our fall decor.  They can't wait to take them home.  We also did a popcorn sequencing activity that showed the children that  the fun popcorn we eat comes from  corn on the cob.  This was challenging, but everyone was able to do it successfully.  We also did our letter C word match.  

For literature, we read Clifford the Big Red Dog by /Norman Bridwell (1963).  I'm not sure if we can call this a classic, but it is a popular book that is loved by most.  As a dog person, it was my favorite as a child because it allowed me to dream of having a dog as big as a house.  Needless to say, my dreams have changed a bit.  The children loved making a BIG Clifford with a wagging tail as our story connection.  

We have become a PEANUT FREE CLASSROOM.  Please do your best to avoid peanut butter and all other peanut products in snacks and lunches.  We appreciate your participation and effort to make our classrooms a safe environment for everyone.  

We would like to do a cute Thanksgiving activity that requires pinecones.  If you have them laying around your neighborhood or at a park you frequent, we would love some to be collected for this project.  If we get enough to go around we can make it happen. 

Thank you again for being amazing and supportive.  You are all on my list of reasons to be thankful this year.  


Ms Kristine