Greetings from Pre-K - Miss Kristine

December 3, 2021

Dear Families,

We had a fun and busy Chanukah week with something special planned for each day.  I think I had as much fun as the children, experiencing our amazing Chanukah celebration for the first time.  This week was fun, energetic, and filled with the beautiful magic of Chanukah.  

On Monday, we had an entertaining and educational presentation on olive oil.  As we learned the significance of olive oil in the miracle of Chanukah, we also got to see oil pressed out of olives.  The kids were amazed by the process.  It takes a lot of olives to get a little bit of olive oil. On Tuesday we got to make edible menorahs, on Wednesday we made delicious latkes, on Thursday we made Chanukah cookies, and we finished with pajama day on Friday.  Every day this week, we also went to the elementary school to witness the lighting of the menorah.  Our children did an amazing job sitting nicely and enjoyed  the memorable experience.  This was great practice for kindergarten, and I was very proud of them.  Great job Pre-K!!   We also had special treats brought to us throughout the week, compliments of our amazing school. Thank you for the doughnuts, dreidels and special treats.   

For phonics this week, we worked on the sound for /E/.  We learned that E is a special letter because it is a vowel.  Vowels make two sounds (short and long),  and they are in mostly all words. We worked mainly on short /E/.  We made an enormous elephant out of E.  They were cute and funny.  We also did our letter E word match.  The best part of adding /E/ to our list of sounds that we have learned is we are getting more prepared to practice word building.  

So far, we have learned the sounds for /P/, /M/, /B/, /S/, /T/, /D/, /A/, /C/, /H/, /E/. We also painted menorahs for our 'Big Book'.  The children did a beautiful job.

On Thursday, we had the Huntington Beach Fire Department come and visit us and give us an important lesson on fire safety.  They paid special attention to fire safety when lighting the menorah and reminded our kids of proper candle safety.  They also talked about what to do in case of an emergency, such as families having special meeting places, as well as every child knowing family phone numbers and addresses. They also discussed  when to call 911 and Stop Drop Roll.  The best part of the visit was when they showed the children all their special gear.  The fire fighter put everything on over his regular clothes, including the mask and helmet.  They were able to see that  a "regular nice guy" was underneath all that "scary' stuff.  The point was to show our children that firefighters aren't scary but that they are there to help if we ever needed them.  The favorite part though, was that they all got a sticker and a pencil.  Again, I was very proud of our Pre-K group, as they all sat and listened nicely.  

We did not have enrichment classes this week due to our late start schedule for Chanukah, but we did have swimming .  As always, that was fun and exciting.  


*  Please keep up with the mask supplies for your child. The masks go fast as they get dirty and wet.  Thank you to the parents who brought the masks in with your child's name.  

*  Please make sure your child is well supplied with a change of clothes.  If your child comes home in something different from what they wore that morning, chances are they will need a replacement.  Also, consider the changing weather when you send clothes in.

*. Keep snacks simple.  Two items in enough.  We only have about 15 minutes and they have lunch soon after. 

*  Please send your child with a water bottle each day.  

*. Swimming is every Thursday. 

Thank you and Happy Chanukah,

 Ms Kristine

[email protected]

November 24, 2021





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