Greetings from Pre-K - Miss Kristine

June 17, 2022

Dear Parents,

Wow!!  I can't believe this is my last newsletter to you.   What an amazing year we had in Pre-K. Every child has grown and blossomed in amazing and significant ways.  We all started this year a little nervous or a little unsure, but everyone rose to the occasion, and in the end, we made it.  

As I prepared the Big Books for each child to send home, it was like a stroll down Memory Lane.  I can honestly say, I only remembered the good times as I looked back on the year.  It really is fun to reflect on the work we did, and how we did it.  Our children have become independent and capable students.  I am so proud of each and every one of our amazing 23. They were able to meet every challenge that was put before them and they did everything with excitement.   I will miss them all so much and I am sure I will not forget any of them. 

I will also miss all of my wonderful and fun parents, grandparents and siblings.  I feel so lucky and so blessed to have been welcomed and included in The Hebrew Academy family.  Every new teacher to a school has a little bit of concern that acceptance might not be a guarantee, but you ALL gave me a sense of comfort, kindness and appreciation.  You encouraged me and inspired me to be the teacher that you and your children all deserve.  I feel so blessed to have been a part of our amazing Pre-K group of teachers as well.  It is a special feeling for me to look back on the whole year and everyone involved to know that I am in the right place.  

It has been a busy and full year, but please keep going.  I know summer is full of relaxation and fun, but please do your best to keep working with your child.  Reading to them everyday is so beneficial as well as fine motor practice.  Let your child be a part of the process so they are engaged and enjoy what they do.    

Thank you also for your thoughtful and generous card.  Once again, you touched my heart with your kindness.  I have cherished this year and will deeply miss this amazing group.  On a positive note, you know where to find me and I would love to keep in touch.  

Have a blessed, safe and fun summer.  

Thank you,

Ms Kristine

[email protected]


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