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March 15, 2019  

 We made it through daylight savings week! It was a sleepy week, but we managed to have lots of fun and do a ton of great activities! The highlight of this week was definitely our visit from Dr Weingarten! He showed the children what it’s like to be a podiatrist. He brought skeletal models of the foot, x rays and even left a bag of bandages for the boys and girls to use in the classroom! It was wonderful. If anyone else would like to come talk to the class about their job, we love community helpers! Just let me know and we will make it happen! After the doctor’s visit, the children turned their thank you cards into a thank you book! They really love making books, it’s great.

 We also started talking about the 5 senses this week! We started with the sense of sight. We talked about how to keep our eyes safe, how our eyelids and eyelashes help us, and what happens when people’s eyes don’t work too well. The children got to feel a menu written in Braille and we talked about seeing eye dogs. We’ll continue with the 5 senses next week! I put out foam letters and glue at the writing table, and the children got to write down anything they wanted- and they wrote so much! At the math table I put out a variety of manipulative that snap together. It was great fine motor practice and they really used their imaginations with these creations.

Next Thursday is Purim! School will be from 9:30-12:30. If you need aftercare please let Chanie know. I also sent home a paper that you can use to RSVP. If you need another one I have extras.



  • We swim every Thursday! Feel free to send in a bathing suit/towel at any point during the week.
  • Please make sure your child has a (weather appropriate) change of clothing, bedding and an earthquake kit in their cubby.
  • Please check your child’s folder (by the sign-in papers) for any important information.

Have a great weekend!


Miss Danielle