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December 14, 2018     

 What a week. The week started off with our Chanukah performance on Monday morning, and thank you to all of the parents that were able to come! The children did a great job and it was a fun way to end our Chanukah celebrations.


  This week during choice time I put out a variety of animals/objects and sorting boards. It’s always interesting to see how they choose to sort (by color, by type, by size) or if they just want to play with them. Either way is fine with me- they are using their brains and using the materials in an intentional way. The pieces are also small, so it’s all helping fine motor as well. We also worked on writing sentences about weather. I added weather words to the word box, and the boys and girls were able to find I, like, and their favorite weather words. Then they wrote and illustrated their picture! Great job to all of pre-k. We started talking more about weather this week, particularly the sun. We talked about how the sun gives us warmth and light, and why we have day/night and seasons. I overheard a lot of conversations that went like this:


Child 1: “Hey, do you feel the earth spinning?”

Child 2: “No.”

Child 1: “I do!”

Child 2: “Actually I feel it now. I’m getting dizzy!”


I wish I could record their conversations all day, they are great. We also focused on the letter Nn this week. It’s a little tricky to differentiate /n/ from  /m/ but everyone seems to be hearing and seeing the difference. Next week we’ll do our December book, and review the letters we’ve learned. We’ll also talk more about weather and what our winter break plans are!



There will be no school from Friday, December 21 - Tuesday, January 1. School resumes Wednesday, January 2.

Please make sure your child has a complete change of clothing, bedding and an earthquake kit in their cubby.

Please check your child’s folder (by the sign-in papers) for any important information.


Have a great weekend!


Miss Danielle