Greetings from Our Pre-K Classroom  

   May 17, 2019   


What a busy week! The end of the school year is getting closer and closer and we are packing as much as we can into these last few weeks. We continued talking about plants this week, and we’ve been checking on the seeds that we planted every day. This week they all started to grow! We were able to update our plant journals and record the changes that we saw. Even one of our experimental plants, the one that doesn’t get any sunlight is growing! The children did notice that the plant without light is much smaller than the other ones, though. Amazing! I put buttons and a variety of foam shapes out and the boys and girls went to work turning them into flowers. They came out super pretty and unique. We also got to play Bug Bingo this week, a game our friend Sasha shared with us from her home! Everyone loved it, it was a big hit. Thanks Sasha! I also set up a phonics/spelling game, where the children had to fill in the missing sound. A lot of them really did well!

 With Lag B’Omer coming up, I like to use this time to discuss caves, and with caves come bats and shadows. We read some great books about bats and learned about some of the things that differentiate them from birds. Then we moved into shadows, and what shadows are/how they change throughout the day. The children were able to use sidewalk chalk to trace shadows outside during morning recess, then check on the placement of those items/shadows during afternoon recess. This will help us transition into learning about outer space next! That’s one of everybody’s favorite themes and the pre-k class is very excited to start.

 Next week I will start doing assessments, and they’ll go home during the beginning of June. If anyone has any questions about them feel free to email me. This week was our last swimming week for this school year! You don’t need to send in any more swim clothes, until camp time.




*Please make sure your child has a (weather appropriate) change of clothing, bedding and an earthquake kit in their cubby.

*Please check your child’s folder (by the sign-in papers) for any important information.


Miss Danielle