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2019 - 2020 Parent Handbook   

March 20, 2020

Hi parents! Here’s another handful of 5 senses activities, this time for the sense of hearing. Tell your children that I miss them dearly and if anyone needs a virtual coffee date, email me and we’ll set one up 😉. 

**I know this is unprecedented and very new to everyone. I believe the children will have the most beneficial and constructive time at home if they are on a somewhat consistent schedule and routine. Routines help children feel safe and in control, and I suggest sticking to a general daily schedule. 

One thing I want to stress is not the importance of teaching your children new ideas and facts, but also help them remember how much they know! One thing we do in school is really help these boys and girls feel confident and a strong sense of self. Looking through catalogues and grocery store ads together and finding words they know (I bet they can tell you which ad says Cheerios and which one says apples) and having them sort laundry and silverware- these are all super concrete and relatable for the children. They can help cook and bake, completing a recipe together has so much math and literacy and fine motor involved- it’ll be messy but it’ll be something your child will remember. 

Sense of Hearing:


  • Write down hearing-related words (ears, music, noise, instruments, etc)
  • Invent an instrument! Draw a picture of your new instrument. How does it make sound? Do you blow into it? Does it have buttons? Do you hit it like a drum?
  • Draw a picture of 3 things that make different sounds. Label them with mom and dads help. 


  • Make a pattern with different sounds and instruments 
  • How many loud things can you find? Quiet? 
  • Does something have to be big to be loud? Does something have to be small to be quiet?


  • Build an instrument! 
  • Find noises while cooking and baking- listen for sizzles, steam hissing, food crunching. 
  • Mix baking soda and vinegar- does the reaction make a sound?

Social Studies: 

  • Look at the sign language alphabet 
  • Talk about how cool it is that people can talk and read using only their hands! 
  • Ear safety- the bones in there are so tiny, it’s so dangerous to put things inside our ears. 


  • A lot of zoos and museums are offering virtual tours and classes. One zoo I loved outside of Philadelphia is the Elmwood Park Zoo- they are doing daily zoo lessons at 11am (east coast time) and putting the videos on YouTube. Check them out!
March 16, 2020 
Pre-k Activities - Lesson 1 

Dear Pre-k parents! Since most of you are stuck at home for the next couple weeks, I thought it may be helpful to share some activities based on what my plans were for the classroom. This week we were going to start the 5 senses. Luckily, so many of these activities are able to easily be modified to be done at home. I will supply you with ideas for each of the senses and I’ll do my best to keep them doable with things you already have at home. I’ll also keep the majority of the activities screenless, but I’ll find some great technology resources as well. 

Sense of Sight


  • Draw pictures of eyes/eye shapes/parts of the eye 
  • Write down words like eyes, glasses, eyelashes, see
  • Go on a scavenger hunt/make pictures of what you see that is red/orange/yellow/green/blue/purple/pink/brown/black
  • Discuss what Braille is and see if you can find any examples of it. This may be hard since we’re stuck at home/not supposed to touch communal surfaces but still great to talk about. 


  • Build binoculars with toilet paper tubes (everyone should have plenty!)
  • Which colors/shapes can you find the most of, in your house? Have children use their eyes to find squares/circles/etc. make a simple graph with shape cutouts (have the child do the cutting) and log how many of each they find per room 
  • Play I spy with shapes/colors


  • If you have one, use a magnifying glass on different materials and see how glasses work. 
  • Compare glasses to sunglasses and discuss how each one help us 
  • Try to write/draw blindfolded 
  • Play a game where the child is blindfolded and has to guess the object in his/her hand 
  • Color mixing with food coloring and oil and water. Set the kids up with some cups/bowls and some measuring cups/spoons and they’ll likely be occupied for a while. 

Social studies:

  • Talk about how seeing eye dogs have such important jobs and are so helpful
  • How many people can you name that wear glasses?


  • Scholastic is offering free age-based lessons called Scholastic Learn at a Home with daily activities on their website 
  • has educational games and videos