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2019 - 2020 Parent Handbook   

January 17, 2020


  Happy Friday! We had a great week in the classroom and got so much done. To better understand Monday’s holiday, we spent the week learning about Martin Luther King Jr! I have a wonderful book that highlights a few of the special things he did, like changing laws and giving his famous speech. When I teach it to the children, I focus more on how we show kindness to everyone regardless of what they look like (not focusing specifically on skin color) and the boys and girls do so well with it. We talked about his dream for the world and each child wrote their own dream down, and they each wrote “I have a dream”. Their writing is getting so much stronger every day! I’m so proud of all of these children, they’ve been working so hard. Their thoughts on MLK are hanging on the door for all to see- I highly recommend checking it out. 

  We also worked on an activity this week from Jan Brett’s The Mitten. In the story, a variety of animals inhabit a wool mitten and the pre-k students each wrote and illustrated their own versions. They’re very cute and some are pretty silly. Speaking of silly, our new class book is almost done! It tells the tale of an elephant who found a grape and went on so many adventures all over the world with it! I put an animal sorting activity out at the math table and I loved watching the different ways the children chose to sort- by color, size, type of animal, habitat, and so many more. I also had a treehouse-building activity out, that is a great for engineering and math. 

  We started PE this week with Coach! The class learned Coach’s rules and played a game of  4 corners and they did so great! We are excited to have it again- PE is now on Mondays at 9:00. In art class we made robots, and we had so much fun swimming. 

   It is cold and flu season! We have been very diligent with disinfecting and sanitizing the classroom, and reminding the children to wash their hands. 



*There is no school on Monday, January 20. 

*Every child’s cubby should have a complete change of clothing, an earthquake kit and rest items. Details can be found in the parent handbook.

*Our classroom is NUT FREE and SESAME FREE. Please do not send in nut butters or hummus, and check granola bars for your child’s lunch. 


Have a great weekend!

Miss Danielle