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2019 - 2020 Parent Handbook   

 September 13, 2019


  What a great week! We had a very productive and fun week in the pre-k room, and it was wonderful. A lot of big words and ideas were introduced this week, and the children were eager and ready to learn about them. We started the week by reading Pete the Cat Rockin in my School Shoes, and then we measured everyone’s school shoes! We used unifix cubes to measure, and recorded everyone’s shoe length. This turned into a lot of measuring around the classroom, and finding things that were longer/shorter/giant/tiny- so many great measuring words. I try to teach skills that are meaningful and relatable to the children both in and out of school. Measurement, for example, can be done anywhere and with anything. It doesn’t have to be rulers or measuring tape, and it is a wonderful way to talk about numbers and sizes, and to compare and contrast. We also did our first estimation jar this week! We talked about what it means to estimate, and then we guessed how many cubes were inside the jar. The majority of the class guessed pretty close to the actual number, which is pretty great for the first time doing this. We will be doing estimation jars monthly. 


  We also had our first mystery letter this week! I had a lot of clues in the mystery bag, like a turtle, tape, the number two, a triangle- and the children were able to guess that it was the letter Tt! We worked together to think of other words that start with that sound, and came up with 28 /t/ words! The boys and girls worked on an activity that had them counting, writing, cutting and gluing as well- they all figured out how many letters are in their name. The results are hanging up in the classroom and I encourage you to come see their writing skills already starting to shine. We also made shape pictures this week and I loved seeing the creativity and the intention that the children used in their pictures.    



*Every child’s cubby should have a complete change of clothing, an earthquake kit and rest items. Details can be found in the parent handbook.

*Our classroom is NUT FREE and SESAME FREE. Please do not send in nut butters or hummus, and check granola bars for your child’s lunch. 


Have a great weekend!

Miss Danielle