Greetings from Our Pre-K Classroom  

   2019 - 2020 Calendar

2019 - 2020 Parent Handbook   


   Happy Friday! We had a super busy, fun, and productive week in the classroom. We started learning about Thanksgiving this week! I keep the Thanksgiving unit pretty simple, and we started out learning about Native American life and the arrival of the pilgrims. It’s so fun to watch the children while they process life before technology. “Couldn’t they just go to Target?” was asked during circle time. We’ll continue to learn about Thanksgiving over the next few weeks, and we’ll still continue letters, estimation jars and story comprehension. We also spent this week getting ready for Monday’s conferences, and all of the children worked on their assessments with me. Everyone did a fantastic job, and being asked all of your letters, numbers and colors first thing in the morning isn’t easy when you’re 4 or 5. They all did a really great job, and I’m proud of the pre-k boys and girls. 

  At the literacy center I put out chalkboards and chalk, and the children wrote words and colored pictures. They are really enjoying writing their classmates’ names these days, which is fun to observe. A lot of boys and girls are able to figure out whose name belongs to who, and they’re getting really great with writing letters they aren’t used to writing. I also put out a variety of shapes to use to make pictures, which is always fun. Sadly, Thursday was Miss Megan’s last day with us, and the children worked so hard on a top secret surprise book for her. It was really sweet seeing everyone’s pictures - we wrote down our favorite memories with Miss Megan and she loved it. 

  We had computers and art this week as well, both of which were fresh. We have computer class on Mondays at 9:00, and art is on Tuesdays at 9:00. The children thoroughly enjoy these activities and look forward to them all week. Next week we will also start swimming on Thursdays, so please send in a bathing suit and towel. You can send it any day and we’ll store it in their cubby. We swim at 1:15 on Thursdays. 


  Monday is conference day! As a reminder, there is no school for the children. Daycare is available during your conference, and also during the day if you made arrangements with Chanie. Raizel and I are looking forward to meeting with everyone! 



*Every child’s cubby should have a complete change of clothing, an earthquake kit and rest items. Details can be found in the parent handbook.


*Our classroom is NUT FREE and SESAME FREE. Please do not send in nut butters or hummus, and check granola bars for your child’s lunch. 


Have a great weekend!

Miss Danielle