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October 12, 2018

Let’s all just take a collective deep breath in and then out because we’ve made it through our first full week of school! Hooray! The week from our point of view felt like an eternity and yet I can’t believe that we’re sitting down and writing a newsletter already! Sarah and I really got to see some different behaviors and development now that we have had a consistent week. This has really started to shape how we’ve been developing our curriculum.


As I’ve said to many of you already, and I’ll say again to those who are reading the newsletters, in our classroom we design everything towards the oldest in our classroom. We do this because all your children are so capable of succeeding. Sometimes we just need to give the students the benefit of the doubt. Sometimes our “youngest” excels during our group games and set ups and sometimes the “oldest” breeze through. By putting forth a scenario that we might view some of our kids as “too little” to be successful doing we are giving them a chance to learn how to do it in the first place. Trust us, we are often surprised and amazed by the tasks, ideas, and thoughts your children come up with.


This week, to keep our sanity and the classroom a headache free zone, we worked really hard on voice modulation and the different types of voices we have; inside voices, outside voices, and our whisper voices. During our circle with Ms. Emily we did lots of different exercises to practice this. By spreading the lesson through different developmental activities ensures that all types of learners (such as kinesthetic, auditory, or visual learners) will find the lesson successful.


We read the book “Voices are not for Yelling” by Elizabeth Verdick. It was one of the favorites of the books Ms. Emily brought in from the library! We listened to the “Outside Voices, Inside Voices Song” by Heidi Butkus and we also used one of our favorite felt stories, The Billy Goats Gruff, as an example and to practice the different voices. Our little billy goat “trip traps” were whisper voices, the medium were inside voices, and the big billy goat “trip traps” were our outside voices. With these different methods of learning taking place our friends should soak it up like a sponge and we hope to see more voice control. Warning though. Voice modulation is hard, Ms. Emily herself has to remember her different voices sometimes. We just need to remember to be patient and to keep reinforcing the same routine and guidelines.


To pseudo introduce our coming lessons of spatial awareness, teamwork, and patience we did a lot of group art this week. Some of which went along with our parsha this week. This week in school we learned about Parshas Noach.  At circle time we talked about Noach building the Teva (ark) and it’s 3 levels, for trash, animals and Noach and his family. We talked about rainbows too since Hashem sent a rainbow to tell us he will never send the big rain again. One of group art pieces hangs in our door windows and features rainbow colors. We also worked on sorting Pom poms with Ms. Emily and Morah Sarah taught us the rainbow song. In addition to work about rainbows we pulled the different concepts of Noach’s Teva through building arks with blocks and loading up the different levels. We walked the animals onto the Teva through blue paint and we got to explore playdough and animals, this time with small blocks to build miniature tevas with.


Important Classroom Notes

  • Please email Ms. Emily a family picture or a combination of pictures of the members of your family to ecrane@hacps.org
  • Please make sure your child has TWO full changes of clothes in their cubby
  • Please provide a mitzvah note at drop off or with your child
  • Please return your Ages and Stages Questionnaires as soon as possible
  • Think about which shoes you’re sending your child to school in. Are they easy for them to learn how to take on and off on their own? Will they provide enough support and grip during running and climbing to keep your child from falling? Shoes make a huge difference. With an active preschool day Velcro or slip on shoes with a good sole do make a huge difference in the amount your child trips and falls through the day.

Shabbat Shalom,

Ms. Emily & Morah Sarah



We are always happy to answer any questions and concerns by email!