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December 14, 2018

Thank you all for attending our Chanukah Performance on Monday.   The kids worked very hard on their songs and were excited to share them with you.  Everyone got to enjoy their chocolate Chanukah gelt after the show along with snack, what a treat!

For snack on Thursday we had vegetable soup that we got to help Morah Rochel make on Wednesday afternoon.  

This week we worked on our fine motor skills by doing stickers and coloring.  We talked about the 12 sons of Yaakov during our Judaic circle and sang a song about them:

Reueven, Shimon, Levi, Yehuda 
Yissachar, Zevulin, Dan, Naftali
Gad, Asher, Yosef, Binyamin 
These are the 12 sons of Yaakov

Thank you parents for the generous Chanukah gift!

Thank you Hebrew Academy Parent Association for donating ALL the books form our wish list at the Book Fair!  The kids were super excited to start reading them!

  • Please send rest items with your child every MONDAY.
  • Please write your child a mitzvah note daily, it makes them feel very special and lets us know what you are working in af home.  
  • Please do not send meat or chicken to school for lunch.