3's Class - Miss Emily, Morah Sara, Morah Rochel

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January 17, 2020



What another great week in preschool! This week has been filled with fun and tons of learning. We really explored and discovered.


We continued our Brachot unit by reviewing Hamotzi and starting with Mezonot. For finishing up Hamotzi we did a cooking activity. This is a great lesson for more than our Brachot. Cooking with children enriches science concepts as well as a few super important social skills, such as waiting your turn and keeping your own space.


For mezonot we started with a few themed activities. We worked on fine motor by threading noodles into necklaces. We did a super fun puffy paint sensory art. It’s equal parts glue and shaving cream with a little liquid watercolor. We got to spread the puffy paint like icing onto our giant cupcake to decorate our classroom. We did more open ended art by making noodle collages. We had to learn what the right amount of glue is to make the noodles stay sticking on the cardboard. They’re hanging in our classroom for all to see.


Other areas of exploration was through magnets and felt as well as other small micro-dramatic play options. Our friends love to manipulate objects to create ideas and stories. We’ve also seen an upswing in magna-tile use. These construction materials have been developing in play. We’ve gone from stacking to actually building structures. This leads to so much discovery and works on a trial and error as well as task persistence.


Classroom notes:

  • We’re in the heart of flu season and several of our friends have been getting sick. If your child wakes up and they’re not themselves please don’t bring them to school. We might call you if we notice they aren’t themselves. Thank you for keeping your child home when they don’t feel well.  
  • It’s getting chillier and we’ve noticed most of our friends only have summer clothes in their cubbies. Please check to make sure your child is stocked with weather appropriate clothing.