3's Class - Miss Emily & Morah Rochel

September 18, 2020 

This week in preschool has been packed full of fun! We’ve continued with our Rosh Hashana lessons and introduced some new concepts into the classroom this week. Some are social-emotional concepts, which are exactly what they sound like. Aspects of our day that relate back to social skills or emotional skills (like being able to emotionally regulate, a nearly impossible task for a three-year-old).

Starting with our Rosh Hashana lessons, we got to do a lot of fun things! We harvested pomegranates from our preschool tree to bring home, or in Hebrew, a rimon! We also completed our matching activity books to take home. We’ve been doing the game so often in class that our friends are all now pros at the process of matching the different Rosh Hashana symbols. They’ve been so excited to come home with the book and do it with their families. In the back of the book there’s even a song list for you to peruse the different songs we’ve been obsessively singing in the classroom. To top it all off Rabbi Popack has been coming to our preschool every day to blow the shofar for us. We learned that it makes three different sounds and what those sounds are. It’s a highlight of our day!

A super fun game we’ve been playing has been our magic disappearing game. We have objects that represent Rosh Hashana on a tray and Morah Rochel covers the tray and takes something away. We have to use our short-term memory to figure out what’s missing. First we say the magic words: “Abracadabra! Apples dipped in honey!” Then we raise our hand and wait to be called on to guess what’s missing. A great game to train cognitive development and patience!

During Ms. Emily’s circle we introduced a few new games. One is an emotions booklet where we look at the picture and figure out what that person is feeling. We talk about our emotions and how it’s okay to feel angry, sad, or shy but there are ways we can’t express that, like with hitting or screaming at the top of our lungs. We talk about the okay things that we can do to express these emotions, especially how sometimes it’s okay if we just need to cry and that teachers, friends, and family are all there to help us feel safe and happy again. Tomorrow is always a new day for us to achieve our goals even if we don’t get it exactly right the first time. We plan on introducing a book to read about how we always try and try again.

Another game we played in circle time is the name game. Ms. Emily has cards with all the friends’ names on them. We lay them in a grid on the floor and the friends all come up and flip over the card that says their name. A shocking amount of friends recognize what their names look like in print! We’re ahead of the game! Next we will make sure we know what the first letter of our name is called. There are a ton of other name game options we can play as well to make this concept fresh and interesting. This is all pre-reading and literacy. Soon everyone will be able to figure out what their name looks like and how to identify what’s theirs around the classroom, like their cubby and art pouch.

Other activities we did this week is:

Stickers for fine motor training

A huge alphabet puzzle for spatial reasoning and literacy

Patterning bears for math/fine motor manipulation


Please provide a labeled water bottle. We get thirsty and each child likes to have their own drinking instrument.

Have you refilled your mitzvah notes recently?

Shabbat Shalom!

Ms. Emily and Morah Rochel


Our daily schedule is as follows:

8:00-9:00AM Wash Hands/Open Centers/Free Play

9:00-9:15AM Daven & Judaic Circle

9:15-10:00AM Outside Time/ Diapers & Potty

10:00-10:30AM Wash Hands/AM Snack

10:30-11:30AM Wash Hands/Free Play

11:30-11:45AM Circle with Ms. Emily

11:45AM-12:15PM Wash Hands/Lunch/Diapers & Potty

12:15-1:30PM Nap

1:30-2:00PM Wash Hands/PM Snack/Diapers & Potty

2:00-2:30PM Outside Play

2:30-3:30PM Wash Hands/Free Play

3:00-3:30PM Dismissal