3's Class - Miss Emily, Morah Sara, Morah Rochel

May 17, 2019 

As we countdown the days to the end of the year, we fill our time with more challenging learning concepts and honing our ever-growing social skills! Our friends are so bright and so eager to learn that we love to find times to slow down and focus on interest that arises in ways that challenge our friends!

For example, in Ms. Emily’s circles this week we jumped beyond our capacity and did some adding! It started as a new take on a direction following game. Can you follow multi-step directions? We learned that we still have little challenges on directions given too quickly or that are too wordy, but we are definitely able to follow directions with at least two to three simple instructions. We played an animal race where we roll one dice and then another (modified with lower numbers) dice and try to figure out what they are together. Then we race our animal that many places. It taught such patience. We had to wait our turn for our “heat” (we ran three four person races) and we had to wait our turn to roll the dice. It’s so tough sometimes to remember to be respectful to other friends when we’ve already had our turn but we, as teachers, are so proud to say that we are seeing more and more consistency with our sitting during our gathering times. We were so interested in the adding concept we kept the dice and pulled our little bears to help us count the number of dots on our roll.

We also brought out scissors and beading this week. Scissors are an important life-skill that we are learning to use properly and safely. We start scissors after we have a scissors gathering circle where we talk about what’s ok to cut and what is not. We also talk about how we need to be safe with scissors and they must always stay at the art table near the teachers until we are all sure we know how to use them. Beading is another skill that helps grow those fine motor muscles, the ones that we use to tie our shoes, dress ourselves, write and do buttons, and even yes—use scissors.

Now that it’s the end of the year, we as teachers get the time to take a step back from being in the middle of play situations. Now if we hear screaming in the classroom, we will give a reminder but not interject ourselves in the conflict resolution process unless it escalates. We try to let our friends use their social and problem-solving skills to solve the issue on their own. It’s starting to become more evident by the conversations we hear floating around the room.

There is also a huge jump in being kinder to each other. This week we also focused a lot on the upcoming Holiday of Lag B’Omer as well as Ahavas Yisroel (being kind to each other). We read books that focused on friendship and being a good friend. During circle time we gave each other compliments and made a friendship web with our kind words. We also talked about the upcoming holiday of Lag B’Omer. The students loved sitting in our cave that we made like Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai’s.  They brought their toys in there and books too. They were very vigilant about follow the rule of only two friends at a time in our small cave. It was amusing to hear the reminders they gave to each other. We can’t believe that this year is almost over—our friends are sure showing it.


  • End of Year Performance: Sunday, June 16, 10 am.
  • PLEASE PLEASE check your laundry and drawers at home for any clothing labeled “HA” or “3’s”. Our supply is getting sapped by items not being returned when borrowed. Thank you in advanced.

Ms. Emily and Morah Sarah