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September 13, 2019 


What an eventful week! Our first full week back was filled with so many learning opportunities! We’re all working so hard at picking up our routines and following instructions.

This week we worked a lot on emotional regulation. Our friends are learning about respecting other friend’s bodies. This is a year long lesson so we work really hard at the beginning of the year to establish our guidelines and expectations. This includes figuring out how to express ourselves without pushing or hitting.

Emotions are a big thing, especially for a young child. At this age we react a lot on impulse. We read a great book, Hands Are Not For Hitting. It talks about all the good things our hands can do instead of hitting our friends. We also have a dialogue that we use to remind our friends when they need it. “My hands, my body”, meaning that I own my own hands and they belong on my own body and not anyone else’s. This process seems overwhelming now but with time, patience, and follow through we will all get there. With the way that our friends are picking all our lessons up, we are confident that this will sink in.

We’ve had some feedback that our friends look like they’re not eating much of their lunches. If you’re concerned about this, some ways you can combat it are either packing less snacks so your child goes for the main portion of the meal or providing smaller portions. Our friends have tiny tummies still and sometimes they get overwhelmed at the amount in front of them and it’s hard to tell how much they’ve actually eaten.

In our Judaic lessons we’ve been talking about the upcoming holiday, Rosh Hashana. We heard Rabbi Popack blow the shofar every morning. During circle we learned the sounds the shofar makes and sang the song:

The shofar in the shul goes toot, toot, toot
Toot, toot, toot, Toot, toot toot
The shofar in the shul goes toot, toot, toot
On Rosh Hashana morning

We also discussed Rosh Hashana being the Jewish New Year and that we wish each other a “Shana Tovah”, a good year. During free time the student has the choice to paint a Shana Tovah greeting that we hung up on the windows of our classroom.

Classroom Reminders:

Please sign in and out everyday

Please make sure your child has a complete change of clothing.

If you’ve happened to receive any clothing that might not belong to you please return them to the classroom!

Shabbat Shalom,

Ms. Emily, Morah Sarah, Morah Rochel