3's Class - Miss Emily, Morah Sara, Morah Rochel

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NOVEMBER 8, 2019


We had another wonderful week!


During circle time we played the name game, using flashcards with the students names on them so they can learn to identify the letters in their names as well as their friends. We have been practicing our songs for our upcoming Thanksgiving performance and feast! 


The students learned about the Parsha, which is Lech Lecha.  We discussed how Avrom was the first Jewish person to discover that there is One G‑d, Hashem.  During our Judaic circle we read the book “A little boy named Avram”, did music and movement to the song “Hashem is here... “ and sang the beginning of the song “Who knows one?”


Who knows one?

I know one

Who Knows one?

I know one

One is Hashem, one is Hashem, One is Hashem

In the heaven and the earth

Said an Ooo Ahh, ooo ahh ahh

Said an Ooo Ahh, ooo ahh ahh


Play dough was a very popular activity this week!  The kids loved using the rolling pins, cookie cutters, scissors, and a special favorite were the pizza cutters.  They made everything from snakes to elaborate meals with it!


We are looking forward to meeting you all this coming Monday, November 11th for parent teacher conferences, this is a great chance for us to discuss your child so please make sure to be prompt  so we can get the full time scheduled.



Please label all items you send to school.

Please make sure your child has rest items and at least one complete change of clothing.

Please send your child a mitzvah note (or feel free to write bunch and I can read one a day) it makes them feel special and let’s ya know what you are working on at home.


Morah Sarah, Morah Rochel, Miss Emily