3's Class 

 October 15 , 2021

This week in preschool we learned all about the parsha Lech Lecha, which is the story of Avraham. There’s been tons of fun stuff derived from this lesson and we’ll take a moment to tell you about a few. One of the lessons is that we are the Jewish people and we come from as many stars in the sky and sand on the ground. Because of that we did a few fun activities. For example, we made binoculars by painting toilet paper tubes glued together. We also played with a sensory invitation of moon sand and fun glittery plastic stars. Our friends really enjoyed that activity. During circle time we talked about transportation. What goes by land, air, and sea and sorted pictures together as a group. Our friends are so smart they knew all the answers right away.

We’ve also been working on using our words when we need to communicate something either to a teacher or a friend. Asking for turns is the most common one that we as teachers prompt. We tell our friends to ask for the next turn when a friend is done playing with a toy another friend wants. We also are working on our “please” and “thank you” for when we need something and when something is done for us. There’s been a lot of “Open this for me”, for example, without those magic words so we’ve been working on using our manners when asking something of a teacher.

During our outside time we’ve been utilizing the sandbox a lot. Our friends love to take off their shoes and socks and wiggle their toes in the sand. The most important part of the sandbox is cleaning up after ourselves when the time is through. Parking the trucks in the correct place and putting the shovels away. Our friends are required to pick up at least three toys before walking away to play somewhere else. It’s been a challenge but we’re rising to it.

The song we’ve been singing this week is as follows:

Hashem told Avraham,
“Look up at the sky,
There are so many, so many stars.”
Hashem told Avraham,
“Look down at the ground,
There is so much, so much sand.”

So many children, there will be
Like the stars in the sky you’ll see.
So many children, there will be
Like the sand on the ground you’ll see. (repeat 2xs)

Until next week,

Ms. Emily and Morah Rochel

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3’s Daily Schedule

3’s Daily Schedule

8:00-8:40 Free Play

8:40-8:45 Clean up

8:45-9:00 Judaic Circle

9:00-9:10 Potty/Diapering

9:10-10:00 Outside Play

10:00-10:30 Wash hands/Snack

10:30=10:45 Circle Time

10:45-11:40 Free Play/Diapering/Potty

11:40-11:45 Clean up

11:45-12:00 Music and Movement

12:00-12:30 Wash hands/Lunch/Potty and Diapering

12:30-12:45 Story Time

12:45-2:00 Nap

2:00-2:30 PM Snack (optional)/Outside play/diapering and potty

2:30-3:20 Free Play

3:20 Clean up/end of day