3's Class - Miss Emily & Morah Rochel

November 25, 2020  


Happy Thanksgiving & Good Shabbos,
Miss Emily and Morah Rochel




Our daily schedule is as follows:

8:00-9:00AM Wash Hands/Open Centers/Free Play

9:00-9:15AM Daven & Judaic Circle

9:15-10:00AM Outside Time/ Diapers & Potty

10:00-10:30AM Wash Hands/AM Snack

10:30-11:30AM Wash Hands/Free Play

11:30-11:45AM Circle with Ms. Emily

11:45AM-12:15PM Wash Hands/Lunch/Diapers & Potty

12:15-1:30PM Nap

1:30-2:00PM Wash Hands/PM Snack/Diapers & Potty

2:00-2:30PM Outside Play

2:30-3:30PM Wash Hands/Free Play

3:00-3:30PM Dismissal