Toddlers - Morah Kedma & Morah Mimi

June 11, 2021

It is hard to believe we are at the end of the school year. We have watched our friends go from being babies to big kids, and from their toddling twos to independent threes. 

They have learned to be more helpful, kind, patient, and that problem solving and play are intertwined. They have grown taller, smarter, funny, and inquisitive.

We have investigated rollie pollies, lizards, centipedes, and spiders with amazement at the same time learning the importance of Hashem’s creatures. Together we have celebrated holidays and birthdays, helped with boo-boos, and putting on shoes. 

We have known these kids for a fraction of their lives yet they have a huge place in our hearts.  Most people can recall their first memories from when they were three, I hope we have helped make wonderful memories for your children whilst they were in our care. 

As educators we want our students to be able to feed and dress themselves, play with their friends nicely, and be menschen. But really we want them to love Judaism, love learning, and be healthy, and happy. These are the things that bring us joy.

We are so happy that many of our friends (and some new ones) will be joining us for summer camp.

There will be no newsletters this summer but we promise to post lots of pictures.  We have plans to make the summer amazing by adding some new things to our playground and spending time with nature, especially as we anxiously await our plums to ripen in a couple of weeks. 

Be ready to hear your children talk about books & beaches,  building & brachas,  baking and bugs (not to be confused with baking bugs,,, we don’t do that).

There will be water and crafts, friends and fun. We are looking forward to a wonderful summer and we hope you are too.

Kol tuv and Shabbat Shalom,

Morah Kedma, Morah Mimi and Miss Talia