Toddlers - Morah Kedma & Morah Mimi

  September 18, 2020  

Wow I can’t believe we are in our 4th week of school already. We are so excited everyday when the kids come into our classroom. The children are still adjusting, getting used to our routines and schedules. The children know to wash their hands and then they can go right to playing. We are working on using our words to get what we want, and keeping our hands to our own bodies. We enjoyed listening to the book Hands Are Not for Hitting  by Elizabeth Verdick which talks about how hands ARE for being gentle, playing,and hugging, and coloring. It is normal for children to tell us what they need and want. Beginning language often is expressed as grunts and noises, and even using their bodies to express needs and emotions. This is all a process and that’s one of the things we work on together to guide your children through their educational, social,  and developmental learning. 

Rosh Hashanah is here and your children know a lot of songs so please ask them to sing them to you. We learned about how bumblebees fly from flower to flower, and all the different items that are used on Rosh Hashanah: shofar,apple, honey and round challah. 

Fine Motor and Gross Motor skills

Shofar and Apple popsicle sticks 

Going up and down the slide

crawling in and out of a tunnel

Stepping on stepping stones

Hoola hoops

Pipe cleaners in strainers 

Felt stories

Apple Tree 

5 striped and buzzing bees 

Where is the Apple hiding behind the Shofar 


Painting shofar and beehives ( using paint brushes and bubble wrap)

Chalk on paper 

Dot Art


We Tasted different apples and decided which one we enjoyed the best.

Sand box scooping and pouring and making “sand soup”

Music and Movement 

Driving by Rachel Seidel ( using hula hoops)

Wimowap by Jonnie Leads ( roaring like lions)

The Goldfish song by Laurie Berkner 

Yoga by Kira Wiley ( Baking an Apple Pie using our own bodies: Tree pose, Mountain pose, child’s pose , butterfly pose. 



Happy a healthy new year from Morah Mimi, Morah Kedma and Miss Talia