Pre-K Judaic News  - Morah Mushka

June 17, 2022


Dear Parents, 

Wow! I can not believe the year is already over. It feels like just yesterday that  your children walked into the doors of Pre-K for the very first time. It has been an absolutely fabulous year. I enjoyed watching your children learn, grow, and blossom throughout the year. 

It has been so enjoyable to Daven with them everyday. I loved watching their interest and excitement as we learned and explored all the Jewish holidays this year. 

One day this week at circle time we discussed all the great things we did in Pre-K. I then asked each of the children what their favorite part of the year was. Here are their responses.  

Isaac- when I ate pizza on Thursday 

Chaya- when I went to art class

Judah- the first day when I came here 

Ezra- learning the Chanuka story

Danielle- learning Torah 

Dov G- when Morah Raizel was here 

Lianna- davening to Hashem and dancing to songs 

Nochum- when we did the bounce house 

Yehudis- when I climbed on the monkey bars 

Dovid- holding the Torah 

Emma- playing with my friends on the monkey bars 

Joey- learning about Chanuka and making a menorah 

Dov P- davening and eating ice cream 

Emmet- playing outside 

Maya- playing with my best friends 

Zach- playing with the marble run 

Robby- drawing flowers

Harel- purim because everyone was princesses 

Isla- learning about Pesach 

Milah- art class 

Dov K- collecting treasures at outside play 

Shaina- making flowers to put on Har Sinai and playing with my friends


Thank you for the generous and thoughtful gifts. It was greatly appreciated. Have a wonderful summer. I will miss seeing your children every day. I wish them the best of luck in Kindergarten. 

Good Shabbos,

Morah Mushka 


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