Pre-K / TK Judaic News 

September 23, 2022  - Elul 27, 5782

Dear Parents,

Two more sleeps until Rosh Hashanah!  The children are really getting excited.   This week we talked about the different sounds that the shofar makes.  We also talked about the trip we take on Rosh Hashanah called Tashlich.  We got to a body of water that has fish.  Fish never close their eyes, just like Hashem never closes His eyes and is always watching and taking care of us.  When we get to the water, we throw away our mistakes and not-good choices.  It’s a new year and we want to hold on only to our mitzvos. 

In honor of Rosh Hashanah, we tasted four varieties of apples: Red Delicious, Granny Smith, Golden Delicious, and Pink Lady.   The children later created a chart where they documented their favorite apple(s).  There were a few friends that liked all four.  The following day we experimented with water infused with different ingredients:  Honey, lemon, salt, and red pepper.  The children chose which flavor they wanted to try.  The honey-flavored water was the most popular.  Surprisingly, a lot of the children liked the lemon.  One of the children was following along as I offered samples to the children. When a child would say they wanted to taste the salty water she would ask, “Are you sure about that?”.  

This week the children were introduced to clay.  Clay is a wonderful medium to work with for a few reasons.  There are infinite possibilities to create when it comes to clay.  Clay is harder than playdough and requires more fine and gross motor skills.  Clay is a great sensory activity, as it requires water to remain malleable and can feel slippery to the touch.  The children really enjoyed making their own unique creations.

Please enjoy the honey dishes that we are sending home.  This year of 5783 should be filled with health, blessing, prosperity, and lots of nachas from all of the children.

Shabbat Shalom and Shana Tova,

Morah Raizel

[email protected]