News from Pre-K Morah Raizel 

June 11, 2021 

Dear Parents,

We did it!  We had our Bucket Filling Celebration.   On Monday we discussed ideas for our party.  Below are the children’s suggestions:

Sima Hecht:    Put up a sign, and San Francisco (silent disco).

Shimon:    We should make a cake and make cupcakes in cakes & eat cupcakes. We hould put up papers.

Annabelle:    Put nail polish on if you are a girl. Bring Pizza.

Dovey:        We could eat a chocolate cake and chocolate cupcakes with chocolate on top.  Go to Las Vegas to a hotel.

Hayshe:    To go on a walk. We go somewhere.

Tali:        How about we do a vanilla cake with a big drop on top with little sprinkles in the  big drop. We go outside and we walk to a different class. 

Eli:        Have a dance party, with chocolate, pizza, music, a speaker and a microphone and food green grapes and purple grapes. 

Ella:        We blow up paw patrol balloons and we also put dinosaur stickers in the classroom and shimmer and shine and princesses. Put up a disco ball and set up decorations and get cupcakes to share. 

Gavriel:    Vanilla cupcakes and have chocolate and vanilla on it and have fun. 

Daniel:     Cupcakes and         and chocolate

Zoey:        Maybe we can roast marshmallows and put some chocolate on it. Maybe we can make a treat shop, maybe we can have a little store for 

Perry:     Get cupcakes and also we should get some lights and also get some party         hats, party costumes and wands. Sparkly pink rainbow unicorns that we can put on our backpacks or use as a stuffy.

Danniella:    A jumper.

Sima L.     Balloons - also we put up a sign:  “Filling up Buckets!”

Shoshana:    What if we got real puppies and we could keep them as our pets? Smores.  Also,  a tree house. A unicorn bounce house for the girls and a dragon bounce house for the boys. 

Yosef:    We could make a tree house and playhouse and we can make some shows. We can make a grand clubhouse and let everybody inside it with a unicorn and dragon inside. Fake ones.

Dovi:        Have a cake.

Brody:        Cake

Saul:        Fill up buckets with sand and bouncy house socks. 

After close consideration, we decided on a cupcake, smoothie, dance party! 

On Wednesday, we baked chocolate and vanilla cupcakes and ate them along with our snacks and smoothies.  Afterward, we began our dance party.  The comment of, “Best day ever!”, was heard often.  The children are great dancers!  They break danced, did handstands, and danced with tremendous joy.  

On Wednesday we also videoed our end-of-year performance.  We hope you will enjoy it!

The children have done incredibly this year!  With all of the changes, restrictions, quarantining, it has not been easy.  They have grown so much and have learned so many important life skills.  It has been an honor to teach your children this year and I will miss them all dearly!

Wishing you all a safe and rejuvenating summer,

Morah Raizel

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