News from Morah Raizel


October 12, 2018

Wow, our first full week of school!  What a great week it has been. This week we learned all about the story of Noach’s Teivah (Noah’s Ark).  We talked about the beautiful world that Hashem created in last week’s Torah portion and how wicked the people had become. The good news is that there was a good man. His name was Noach!


Noach was a good man, good man, good man,

Noach was a good man in his days.

The people all around him were wicked, wicked.

The people were so wicked, I’m sorry to say.


So Noach built a teivah, a teivah, a teivah,

Noach built a teivah for everyone to see.

And who do you think lived there, lived there, lived there,

Who do you think lived there, Noach’s family.


The rain came pouring down, down, down.

The rain came pouring down for forty days and nights.


The teivah had three levels. The top level was for people and food, the middle for animals, and the bottom level was for garbage. The children learned about Noach being very busy all day and all night taking care of the animals.  After a long time, Hashem told Noach to leave the teivah. Noach thanked Hashem for saving himself and his family and Hashem promised Noach that He will never again bring a flood and showed him a rainbow. Everytime it rains, and a rainbow shows up in the sky, it is a sign, that Hashem is keeping his promise.


Shabbat Shalom!