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December 6, 2019


We just blinked our eyes and it’s Chanukah!  The children are excited to celebrate and have been fascinated by the story.  Before we begin our story we always travel back in time to Israel during the times of the second Beis Hamikdash, Holy Temple.  We talked about the differences and similarities that we would find. We learned about the wicked king, Antiochus, who tried to make the Jews forget about Hashem and follow his beliefs and lifestyle.  We learned about the brave Maccabees who stood up for what was right and who were able to defeat Antiochus, even though they were so small. We spoke about the small jug of oil that lasted for eight days and how the Maccabees wanted the Jewish people to always remember these two great miracles, so they made a holiday called Chanukah!  We read the book If The Candles Could Speak by Dassie Prus which is a wonderful book about the story of Chanukah.


We are excited to celebrate Chanukah in school next week!   

Best wishes for a Shabbat Shalom and a Happy Chanukah! 

During circle time, I asked the children what they know or remember about Chanukah. Here are their responses:


Jacob: Presents, eight days.

Sima: Latkes.

Shimon: Eating chocolate gelt, dreidel, going to shul, throwing candy, and eating it.

Dovey: I like to light the menorah. I like to eat latkes.

Eli Perelmuter: Presents.

Dovi: Presents.

Eva: I love Miss Raizel, a rainbow.

Eli Peterson: Presents.

Saul:  A cake.

Juliette: Challlah.

Averie: Cake. 



Miriam: When I was three on Chanukah, I ate chocolate gelt.

Sabi: A new bike and new helmet.

Chesky: When I was four, my mommy letted me light the menorah by myself.

Yishai: Lighting the candles.  I did that last Chanukah.

Natan: I lighted the candles.

Dov: I lighted my own menorah.  When I was putting my hand close to it and I got burned on my finger.

Brooklyn: Light the candles.

Bear:  My sister lets me have her menorah and she lets me light the candles on my sister’s menorah.  It’s a fire truck menorah. 

Alex:  We go to the store and buy toys.

Lipa:  When I was four, I saw people lighting a big menorah and I played dreidels.

Miriam: We play dreidels and we spin the dreidels and when you get a gimmel you get all the money.  On Chanukah I went to my Savta’s house for Chanukah.

Alex: I remember on Chanukah we light a lot of candles on the menorah.

Lipa: When I was four I lit my own menorah.

Miraim:  I have a purple ‘norah and I get to light it by myself.

Sabi: It’s challah.

Toby: We light the menorah.

CJ: We eated the meals.

Gabriel: אוכלים עוגה, אני יכול לאכול חלבי ופרווה. (We eat cake.  I can eat dairy and pareve.)

Shaina: We eat chocolate get and latkes.

Luke: Menorah.

Mussia:  I lit my menorah and I let anyone else light my menorah and I make it with sparkles on top.

Sophia: We drink the juice.

Maya: I eat something and I grow up.

Shimon: You spin the dreidel.

Adam:  You eat Challah.

Mikey: We um...spin the dreidel. 


The children participated in surveys and chose which chanukah foods they liked.  The surveys later became order forms where the children took turns as servers and chefs. This was a great opportunity to build social skills and literacy skills, and of course to get into the Chanukah spirit!