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Pre- K Purim Video 1


Pre-K Purim Video 2 

April 12, 2019  

The children are really getting ready for Pesach.  They have learned so much! We have been talking about the seder plate and the steps of the seder.  Mah nishtana is being practiced everyday as well as any other song the children choose to sing while working.  

In Pre-K, the children are diligently working on their haggadahs.  There are a lot of pages that need to be worked on and they are excited!  On Thursday morning the children cleaned out all of the chametz from our dramatic play.  They then proceeded to sweep the classroom and find any other chametz, like tape.


This week we touched and smelled real horseradish root while singing the mah nishtana.  Some children enjoyed the experience while others preferred to not be passed over, no pun intended :).  Having our model seder at the beginning of our Pesach discovery really helped make our learning meaningful and real.  While reviewing the steps of the seder at circle time, the children were able to explain what happens at each step of the seder.  

Looking forward to our final few days before Pesach!

Have a restful and peaceful Shabbos!