News from Morah Raizel

December 14, 2018 

Dear Parents,


It was sad to say goodbye to Chanukah on Monday.  Although Chanukah is over, we can still keep the light of Chanukah shining throughout the year.  During circle time the children shared different ideas of how we can make the world more bright.


The Parsha this week is Vayigash, which means, and he approached.  Because of Chanukah, we missed out on two weeks worth of Parsha stories and had to catch up.  We learned the story of Yosef being sold as a slave by his brothers. Yosef is able to interpret dreams and becomes viceroy in Egypt.  He saves Egypt from a terrible famine. Eventually, Yosef’s brothers came to Egypt to buy food and Yosef tests them to see if they feel remorse for selling him as a slave.


Yosef sees that his brothers are remorseful and reveals himself to them.  Yaakov and his son, Yosef are finally reunited in this week’s parsha. We can learn a very important lesson from Yosef.   Even though Yosef had a very difficult life, he was still able to see beyond his troubles and care for another person.


Best wishes for a restful and peaceful Shabbat,


Morah Raizel