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March 23, 2020

Hi!  Long time no see.  I miss all of the children so much!  I hope that everyone is coping well.  I am attaching the Haggadah that the children would have made in school.  If you have difficulty accessing a printer, please let me know.

1.Please have your children write their name and decorate the cover. 
2. Please have them color or paint (with watercolors) the page of the order of the seder. 
3. The Seder plate page will take more time.  Please have your child color in the page with the words of each seder plate food.  (page 3)
4. The page with the pictures right after, (page 4) should be colored and cut out.
5.The cut pictures should then be secured in a way that the word is also visible underneath. They can be taped, velcroed (use your creativity) on top of the picture with the word.

Please let me know if you have any questions and how your child is doing!

Warmest regards,

Morah Raizel



March 18, 2020

Happy quarantine!  I hope that everyone is doing well and keeping themselves busy and safe.    

Week 1 Pesach Story 


Sensory Play

Add plastic figurines/animal to playdough

Playdough and scissors

Playdough and plastic letters


Dramatic Play 

Baby Moshe in the Nile River

Baby doll


Blue sheet or towel 


Have your children draw or paint a picture of...

Baby Moshe in the basket

Moshe at the burning bush



What do you think it felt like to be a slave?

Which part of the Pesach story do you like?



The children can practice writing these words in Hebrew. 

מ ר ו ר  marror

מ ש ה  Moshe

פ ס ח  Pesach

מ צ ה  matzah