News from Morah Raizel

February 15, 2019 

This week in Miss Deana’s class the children heard many great stories like, ‘Hashem is Truly Everywhere’ by Chanie Altein and ‘Yossi and Leibel Hot on the Trail’ by Dina Rosenfeld.  After the story we discuss the message behind each story and the children have an opportunity to share or ask questions.


In Pre-K we are finishing off our Shabbos exploration.  This week we made delicious matzah ball soup. If you need any cooking help, Pre-K has got your back!  We had the best peelers, dicers, and matzah ball rollers on this side of the Pacific Ocean. It was impressive!  The best part was tasting the soup and the requests for seconds! We will definitely make that again. On Friday we tasted gefilte fish.  Yumm! During group time the children made pictures of their favorite Shabbos food and created four step directions to making matzah ball soup.


Next week we will begin Purim!  The children cannot wait!


Best wishes for a peaceful and restful Shabbos!


Morah Raizel