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Miss Emily & Morah Sarah - June 20, 2024

From  Ms Emily and Morah Sarah

What a year! We’d like to start out this newsletter by thanking all the parents for how wonderful
you all have been this year. You’ve been communicative and helpful this entire year and that
has made things so much easier on us as teachers.
This year we’ve seen so much growth in each and every one of your children. Some didn’t even
speak when the year started and now are saying full sentences. Amazing! We’ve learned so
much this year and have become so well rounded and ready to move onto the next classroom!
We are so proud of each and every one of the students. Thank you to them for making this year
so awesome.
Some things we’ve learned:
● Proper hand washing
● How to take turns
● How to clean up after ourselves
● How to be a little more autonomous
● How to play with a friend
There’s been so much more but as you all see from your assessment that you received home
there has been tremendous growth and learning this year.
If you are attending camp you’ll receive an email with items you will need to bring to camp. Here
are a few more things to bring:
● Your sheets and blankets
● Diapers
● Extra summer appropriate clothes
Again, thanks so much for a fabulous year,


Miss Emily & Morah Sarah - June 7, 2024


We are closing in on the end of the year and it’s amazing what progress we’ve made! Our friends are playing cooperatively, talking up a storm, cleaning up one toy before moving onto the next, and washing our hands completely independently. We are so very proud of them. We also did a toy rotation this week and all the new options are super popular. A lot of behavior problems were simply because they were bored so this has had a positive outcome.

This week we got ready for Shavuot some more. We put a Har Sinai on our board and water colored some flowers to hang on the mountain and our friends thoroughly loved the process. They turned out beautiful. We’ve been singing a couple songs every day and our friends are super into them. Here are the lyrics:

I am a mountain so very high, I can reach all the way up to the sky

The Torah should be given on me, For I am as tall as can be, You see

"Oh no said the wide mountain"

I am a mountain so very wide, I can reach all the way from side to side

The Torah should be given on me, For I am as wide as can be, You see

Now little Har Sinai just stood there and sighed, I know I’m not tall and I know I’m not wide

The Torah shouldn’t be given on me, But that’s ok cause that’s just how HaShem made me

From all the mountains HaShem chose Sinai, Because he did not hold himself up so high

He had such simple and humble ways from this we learn humbleness pays

HaShem gave us a present, do you know what it was?

He gave us the Torah so we can keep its laws.

He asked the other nations, do you want this gift of mine?

But they “No Thank you, for Torah there’s no time”.

Then to Bnai Yisroel HaShem did go we said Na’aseh V’nishma

Because we love HaShem so

Then to Bnai Yisroel HaShem did go we said Na’aseh V’nishma

Because we love HaShem so

We look forward to seeing everyone at our performance on Monday the 17th. Our friends have been practicing their song and dance every day and are really excited about it all. Note that often when a friend gets on stage they freeze up. Don’t be surprised if this happens. But, I anticipate our friends blowing us away!


Miss Emily & Morah Sarah - May 31, 2024

 This week in preschool!

We’re noticing a huge jump in development in the gross motor area. Gross motor is all your child’s large working muscles. For example, we’ve noticed that a lot of friends are starting to use the pedals on the tricycles. Not only is this gross motor development but it’s also evidence of bilateral movement. Bilateral movement is evidence that both hemispheres of the brain are connecting and working together!

 We’ve also noticed an upswing of autonomy around the classroom. Friends are doing things on their own and doing them correctly. From hand washing to cleaning up after themselves, they’re showing us they’re independent beings. We’re so proud of how far we’ve all come.
In Judaic lessons we’ve been talking about Shavuot. We talk about which mountain got the Torah and how it was a humble mountain. Small and plain and did not hold itself high. We use this to teach about humbleness and how important it is to practice.

Miss Emily & Morah Sarah - May 24, 2024

This week in preschool!

 This week during circle time we did some of our favorite felt stories.
These felt stories encourage counting which we’ve noticed happens in order but when asked what comes next while counting down, some friends struggle to list the number. So we get tricky and hide the lesson into something they love. The most popular are “Five Speckled Frogs” and
“Monkeys in a Tree.” Another super popular felt story continues to be “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” where not only do we work on counting but also the days of the week.
We painted this week, on an easel as well as the table. Our friends love the messy aspect of painting as well as the creative output. The easel provides an extra challenge because it strengthens hand eye coordination, helps with spatial planning, and improves our fine motor skills. Of course fine motor and spatial planning also happens on flat surfaces but an easel provides another layer to the challenge.
Another popular toy in the classroom has been our doll house and bunnies. The friends are doing so well cooperatively playing together with the toy. We notice sharing and conversations that are happening more frequently, as well as a bunch of really kind choices. It’s an amazing thing, how far we’ve come since the beginning of the year.
Until next week,
Ms. Emily and Morah Sarah

Friday, May 17, 2024

We visited Israel on Tuesday and our friends had so much fun. First we rode the plane with the whole preschool and then we were able to travel around the country doing different activities. We started with a dance party, then we went and excavated treasure from the sandbox, moved on to painting pictures, and finally wrote a special note to Hashem and taped it on the Kotel. We ended the whole trip by singing happy birthday Israel and got a cupcake to celebrate! It was such a fun experience.

We did a fun STEM activity this week as well. We had some gears and a motor and the goal was to make all the gears we put down spin when we turned it on. It took a lot of trial and error and team work! We love team work!

Speaking of team work, we’ve been seeing a lot more collaborative games around the classroom. Friends are starting to play together and work on that aspect socially. This social-emotional work is so important to their development because it’s the precursor to building relationships. We’re so proud of how nice everyone is playing together.

The weather is changing so please keep in mind the clothes you send your child to school in. It’s getting warmer in the afternoon and we often go outside after nap. Just keep that in mind. Also, if you haven’t refreshed your extra clothes, please consider doing so. A lot of the stuff we have is either too small, empty, or for winter. Just consider sending some new things to replenish that stock. Thank you!

Until next week,

Ms. Emily and Morah Sarah

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