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Miss Deana's Class -4's

Miss Deana's Class -4's


Miss Deana's Class

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October 20, 2017    

Pictures! Pictures! Pictures! 


Yea we finally have had a full week of school!  We jumped right into learning letter “Hh”.  Our Sign Language words are: happy, horse, hippo, and honey.  Some new words we learned are: hare, helper, hedgehog, hen, and hive.  For free art time this week, the children used chalk on black paper and created some pretty AMAZING creations. Part of the process included dipping the chalk in water which then changed the texture of the chalk and also made the chalk darker in color.  

I brought out a few hammers, glasses and nails.  The children had a chance to touch and use the objects, as well as work on our hand eye coordination.  I also added the items to our playdough.  The children had a great time hammering nails, and even pulling the nails out.  We practiced a fire drill with the whole school on Wednesday.  We talked about what a “fire drill” is and how important it is to practice them.  My “little friends” did an AMAZING job staying together, walking out past the parking lot to the field, and remained quiet (we explained the reason we stay quiet is so the teachers/firemen can hear if someone is hurt or needs help).

Morah Raizel, spent some time discussing Noah’s Taiva (Arc).  We added an arc and all kinds of animals to our micro dramatic area.   The children have been making taivah’s with blocks, Lego’s and baby strollers (an arc with wheels, according to the children). Another fun activity we did this week was animal sorting. We made groups of animals.  We had land animals, water animals, animals that live with people, and animals that fly.  This was a great discussion activity, the children had a lot of discussions about which animals can live “with people” and which animals should NOT live with people.  It was interesting to listen to the children determine which category a certain animal should be placed, for example: fish live in water, can live with people, but can also live in the ocean, soooo the children decided they should be in their own category.  

With all of the animal discussions going on, we had special visitors this week.  A petting zoo!  The children were able to touch, see, and definitely smell all kinds of animals.  A big “Thank You” to Morah Chanie for arranging them to visit.

Important Reminders:

  • Please sign in/out daily

  • Please make sure your child has a complete change of clothes.

  • Please return your child’s ASQ form

Until Next Week,

Miss Deana 

News from Morah Raizel    

We are finally back to a full week of school!   This week we began learning the first two Torah portions, aka, parshas, in the Torah.  We learned about Adam and Chava in Gan Eden and the tricky snake that caused their downfall.  We learned about the generations that followed and how wicked the people became.  We learned about the tzaddik, righteous man, Noach, who was commanded to build a tayvah, ark.


Noach was a good man, a good man, a good man,

Noach was a Tzaddik in his days


The people all are around him were wicked, wicked,

The people were so wicked, I’m sorry to say.


So Noach built a tayvah, a tayvah,a tayvah,

Noach built a tayvah for everyone to see.


And who do you think lived there, lived there, lived there
Who do you think lived there, Noach’s family.


The rain came pouring down, down, down,

The rain came pouring down, for forty days and nights.


Shabbat Shalom!


Morah Raizel