4's Class Miss Deana & Morah Raizel

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April 20, 2018 

What a great week we’ve had! I hope you all love the Challah boards and Challah covers, the kids LOVED making them.  Please don’t wash the covers with soap, I can’t guarantee it won’t fade. Also you may want to add a layer of shellac to the board.  I could not do them ahead of time because if the chemicals. Our letter this week is letter “Qq”. Our Sign Language words are: quilt, quiet, and quick.  Some new words we learned are: quail, quilt, and quill. With Shavuot approaching we have been discussing the season of Spring. We discussed a few animals that hibernate, and what hibernation actually is.  I brought out a few books about hibernation and animals that hibernate.

On Tuesday we went on a walk around the school, and hunted for different types of flowers.  Once we picked them we placed them on some contact paper, and hung it on the door. The children will now watch to see what happens when the sun shines on them.  Another fun activity we did for Science was blot painting on butterflies.  I cut a bunch if butterflies and the children added different colors of paint on one side.  Then the children folded it in half and rubbed the paper. Once you open it back up they were able to see all the colors they chose plus some new colors as they blended together.

Judaic News:

Happy birthday to Israel!   We spent the week learning all about Israel, and on Thursday  we had a birthday party to celebrate. Each classroom hosted a fun activity.  In my classroom the children made Israel headbands, in Morah Raizels classroom they face painted, in Miss Anna’s class they wrote letters, and pictures to place on the “Kotel”, and in Miss Emily’s  class they dug for treasure in sandboxes. Since it was a birthday party, we definitely had to have cupcakes, and boy were they yummy! We are still continuing to can’t the Omer, and a few children are starting to understand the color pattern I created for the flowers.  With Lag B’omer coming up I brought in some boxes and trash bags. I created a fun “cave” in our classroom, And the children have been having a great time playing, reading, and just relaxing in it.

Important Reminders:

  • Please sign your child in/out daily

  • If your child is breaking a share toy, please make sure it’s only 1 toy and it must fit in your child’s cubby.

Until Next Week,

Miss Deana

News from Morah Raizel


Happy 70th Birthday, Israel!  This week we spoke about our special land, Israel. We looked at pictures, read stories, and shared experiences.  We saw pictures of the Kotel (Western Wall), the Dead Sea, Tzfat, the Shuk (market), the desert, and the rolling hills of the Galilee.  Our Israel Day Celebration was so much fun! The children really enjoyed moving from classroom to classroom and participating in different activities like, making special hats, face painting, writing  letter and posting it on the Kotel, and finally digging in the sand to find artifacts! We enjoyed a yummy Israeli lunch along with cupcakes!

Shabbat Shalom!

Morah Raizel