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Miss Deana's Class -4's

Miss Deana's Class -4's


Miss Deana

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December 8, 2017  

What an amazing week we had!  We started the week learning letter “Rr”.  Our Sign Language words are: raccoon, rainbow, and rain. Some new words we learned are: fair, rake, and radish.  Last Friday, I brought out some projector sheets, and wipe off markers. The sheets are clear which allows the children to to trace over their image.  The children had so much fun tracing items.  I had children tracing my face, my hands, and even my hair.  I can officially say, that tracing has been a hit!


Chanukah is coming and we are working hard. The children have been practicing their songs, playing with dreidels, and painting their very own menorahs!  The Chanukah “memory game” is a class favorite this week.  This type of game is a great way for your child to practice concentration, turn taking, and increase their short term memory all while having fun.  Thursday we went to the olive oil workshop.  We had such a great time, and we sat with the “big kids” and can I just say how GREAT they were.  They were a perfect audience and they sat for over 30 minutes! A big thank you to Rabbi Sender for showing us how olive oil is made, and allowing us to be guests along with the second, and third graders.


Our Science experiments are coming along great. Our pumpkin grew pumpkin sprouts, and one of our carrots has started to show sprouts, but nothing is happening to our poor corn on the cob.  We had to say goodbye to our pumpkin because, it started to grow mold. With the pumpkin gone I brought in some romaine lettuce and chopped off the leaves, we then placed it into a shallow container with water, and If all goes well it should start to sprout as well.


Important Reminders:

  • Please remember to sign in/out daily

  • Please limit your child to ONE share toy/one backpack space in their cubby is limited.


    Until Next Week,

Miss Deana, 


News from Morah Raizel   


Hooray!  Chanukah is less than one week away!   We are getting ready!  This week we learned about lighting the Chanukah menorah.  We talked about when and where we light the menorah, how to setup the menorah, and the brachot (blessings) that we say when lighting the menorah.  We read a story called Is It Chanukah Yet.  The children really enjoyed reading it.

On Thursday we had a wonderful olive oil demonstration by Rabbi Sender.  The children learned all the ins and outs of making olive oil.  It was really neat!

Looking forward to celebrating Chanukah next week!

Shabbat shalom,

Morah Raizel