Miss Deana

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February 16, 2018    

Wow half way through February already! We have had a great week.  Our letter this week is letter “Gg”.  Our Sign Language words this week were: girl, giraffe, and gorilla.  Some new words we learned were: gabbed, galoshes, guest, and granny.  During our circle time this week we used our name cards and played the name game.  On one side of the card is their first name, and in the other side is their last name.  I write a letter on the board and if they have the same letter they stand up and I give the a task (2 jumping jacks, 4 spins, walk backwards to the front door, etc).  The children absolutely LOVE this game, plus it helps with letter recognition, following directions, and gross motor skills all while having fun.


The children have been really into our small Legos.  They have been creating all kinds of airplanes, houses and rockets.  Small Legos are a great manipulative for the children to work on their fine motor skills.  Another area the kids have been using a lot this week was our Home Living center.  The Home Living area is a place where a lot of learning happens.  The children learn how to compromise, it helps their communication, self independence, and negotiating. They are learning about roles, relationships, and how to care for each other.  This is a great center for the children to express themselves, and become more independent.  This area is a place I can observe the children, and base my lesson plans around.


Judaic News:

This week we learned the bracha shehakol.  We painted an ice cream cone to hang in our classroom, and a big lollipop for our bulletin board.  With Purim fast approaching the children painted a hamantash out of a paper plate that we hung on our classroom lines.  I created a castle out of a cardboard box and the children have been using their block people and the character blocks with it.  Morah Raizel has been teaching the kids a Purim dance, and a Purim song that the kids will sing while Morah Chanie videotapes it, so keep an eye out for it!  Stay tuned for Purim information that Morah Chanie will be sending out.


Important Reminders:

  • The children WILL be making Mishloach manot packages to give to a friend, so please do NOT send any to school.
  • Please sign in/out daily 

Until Next Week,

Miss Deana



We finally completed the Purim story!  The children enjoyed reading the book Purim Guess Who by Ariella Stern.  We are learning some fun Purim songs and a Purim dance!  Next week we will talk about the mitzvot and customs associated with Purim.

Shabbat Shalom!

Morah Raizel