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Pre-K Miss Danielle & Morah Raizel

Pre-K Miss Danielle & Morah Raizel


Greetings from Our Pre-K Classroom  

December 8, 2017     Miss Danielle

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 Happy Friday! I hope everyone had a great week. This week we focused on the letter Bb and started talking about the weather. I generally start weather discussions in December, since living in Southern California doesn’t give us too many seasons to discuss. The boys and girls were really excited to write weather words, and they have so many questions that we will answer over the next few weeks. We started out by writing our favorite kinds of weather, written 100% by the children, using the words in our word basket. As always, I encourage you to check them out if you’re able to pop into the classroom. They also did a great job with the letter Bb. It can be tricky to differentiate the /b/ sound from /p/, but they’re doing great. We even came up with over 40 words beginning with /b/, and everyone did a beautiful job writing it for their ABC journals.


 A huge hit with the pre-k class this week was number Bingo! A lot of the boys and girls spent much of their choice time playing, taking turns being the number-reader and helping each other name the numbers. We’ll also be playing color, shape and letter Bingo as the year progresses. We also got to see how olive oil is made! Rabbi Sender showed us at his olive oil workshop, and it was so cool to help choose the olives and watch how the oil is extracted. Everyone did a super wonderful job sitting and watching, and they were so excited when Rabbi Sender was able to light the oil! What a great experience.


 The book fair is at school! There are lots of great books and activities, and it will be in A1 until 12/20. Our Chanukah performance is during the morning on Wednesday, 12/20 at 8:30. There will be a regular school day following the performance.


**Please send in a family photo for biographies. You can email them to me



  • Our next swimming day is 12/14. Feel free to send in a bathing suit and towel to store in your child’s cubby.

  • Our Chanukah performance is on Wednesday, 12/20 at 8:30 am. There will be a regular school day following the show.

  • Please make sure your child has a full change of clothing. Things tend to get messy!

  • Please check your child’s folder daily for any information from me or from the administration.


Enjoy your weekend!


Miss Danielle
                                 December 8, 2017    Morah Raizel 


I marvel at the children’s creativity.  Each week I create a lesson plan that will guide our learning.  It is amazing to see how the children take the activity that was prepared for them and change it into something even more interesting!  This week, a few children decided to make their very own dreidels out of clay.  Those children became the ‘dreidel experts’ as they guided their friends through the process.  


The children participated in an olive tasting activity.  We tasted black olives and manzanilla olives.  The children who liked the olives, could not get enough of them.  Black olives are the most popular olives on Pre-K!


Thursday was a very busy day.  We painted our menorahs as soon as we got to school.  At 9:30 we had a visit from Morah Devorah from kindergarten!  She came to read us a Chanukah story and engaged us in a wonderful Chanukah conversation.  At 10:30 we were lucky to participate in an olive oil workshop!  Rabbi Sender taught us all about the process of making oil.  We picked olives to squeeze and helped setup the machine that squeezed the olive juice.  It was super cool!  


We are learning all about the lighting of the Chanukah menorah.  We are also becoming experts at singing our Chanukah songs for our performance!


We also learned the parsha this week...Vayeshev!

We learned about Yaakov’s special relationship with Yosef and the dreams that angered his brothers.  Yosef was thrown in a pit and was sold as a slave to Mitzrayim (Egypt) to a man named Potifar.  Mr. Potifar trusted Yosef very much. Mrs. Potifar bothered Yosef and falsely accused him of trying to hurt her!  Even though Yosef was in prison, he was not sad and noticed King Paroh’s buttler and baker that seemed disturbed by the dreams which he interpreted for them.


Looking forward to celebrating Chanukah next week!


Shabbat shalom,


Morah Raizel