Greetings from Our Pre-K Classroom  

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April 20, 2018           

Happy Friday everyone! What a busy and fun week. The highlight of this week was definitely Israel Day! The boys and girls had such a great time on Thursday, moving from class to class. They got to experience writing letters for the Kotel, painting their faces blue and white, making headbands and digging in the sand for artifacts! Then, to top it all off they made their own cupcakes and got to enjoy them. It was a lot of fun and I think every child had a wonderful time.


In other exciting news, we planted our seeds this week and started recording in our plant journals! We’re also doing 3 experiments: can a plant grow without water? Can a plant grow without sun? Can a plant grow if it isn’t in soil? Everyone made predictions and we’ll see what happens with those seeds! Everyone is so excited to check on the seeds every morning, it’s great. Once a week we will be recording our observations in our plant journals.


In addition to plant journals, we worked on our ABC journals this week as well. We’re almost finished with the whole alphabet! I still can’t believe this school year is almost over. I also put out a math activity where the children had to match flower numbers with corresponding petals and stems. We’re working on the teen numbers now and everyone has been doing great. We also swam this week, which was fun as usual. It’s also nice to see that everyone gets dressed for the pool independently. No one asks for help anymore! Everyone knows how to turn their clothes right-side-in and put everything on without asking for assistance. We are certainly growing in the pre-I class.



  • Our next swimming day is 5/3/18. Feel free to send in a bathing suit and towel to keep in your child’s cubby.
  • Please make sure your child has a full change of clothing. Things tend to get messy!
  • Please check your child’s folder daily for any information from me or from the administration.


I hope everyone has a great weekend!


Miss Danielle


News from Morah Raizel  

Dear Parents,


Happy 70th Birthday, Israel!  This week we spoke about our special land, Israel. We looked at pictures, read stories, and shared experiences.  We saw pictures of the Kotel, the Western Wall, the Dead Sea, Tzfat, the Shuk (market), the desert, and the rolling hills of the Galilee.  Our Israel Day Celebration was so much fun! The children really enjoyed moving from classroom to classroom and participating in different activities like, making special hats, face painting, writing  letter and posting it on the Kotel, and finally digging in the sand to find artifacts! We enjoyed a yummy Israeli lunch along with cupcakes!


After our experience, we had the chance to make a picture of our favorite activity during the Israel Day Celebration.  


Looking forward to learning about Lag B’Omer next week!


Good Shabbos,


Morah Raizel