Greetings from Our Pre-K Classroom  

February 16, 2018   - News from Miss Danielle 

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Happy Friday! It was a great week in the pre k classroom. This week we learned more about money and learned about what the president's job is. The children got a pretty basic rundown of how to become president, where he lives and what his job is. Then they had to think of what they would do as president. They came up with some great new laws that will keep the people of America very safe. They’ll have my vote! We also learned more about coins and the people that are on them. We sorted coins at the math table and made dollars with pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters. We also learned about how we wash our hands after playing with money because it is very dirty. Next week we’ll do a money cleaning experiment.

On Monday we celebrated the 100th day of school! We made hats and did a lot of counting. We counted to 100 by ones, fives and tens, and we counted from 100 down to 1! We counted out 100 legos, 100 unifix cubes and 100 plastic links and saw which line was the longest. We read some super silly and great books about 100 days of school. I don’t know where this school year is going! June will be here before we know it.

We also continued to learn about the letter Hh this week. This week we came up with words that begin with /ch/, /sh/, and /th/. This group did an amazing job of differentiating the sounds and came up with a very impressive list of words. Way to go pre k! We swam this week too, which was fun and exhausting.


**Please send in a family photo for biographies. You can email them to me


  • School is closed on Monday, 2/19 for Presidents’ Day.

  • Our next swimming day is 3/8/18. Feel free to send in a bathing suit and towel to keep in your child’s cubby.

  • Please complete the ASQ-SE as soon as possible.

  • Please make sure your child has a full change of clothing. Things tend to get messy!

  • Please check your child’s folder daily for any information from me or from the administration.

Enjoy your weekend!

Miss Danielle
News from Morah Raizel      

Dear Parents,
We finally finished the entire story of Purim!  The children had a chance to share which part of the story they liked the most.


Which part of the Purim story do you like?


Mendel: “That the Jewish people saved their life.”

Michal: “That Vashti got killed.”

Sholom:  “That Zeresh spilled garbage on Haman’s head.”

Morah Raizel:  “Was it Zeresh?  It was actually Haman’s daughter. Zeresh was Haman’s wife.”

Gittel:  “Um...that Vashti had pimples on her face.”

Arielle:  “That Mordechai and Esther...I like that Mordechai’s back.”

Mendel:  “That Vashti and Mordechai saved the Jewish people, no, Esther and Mordechai.”

Sholom:  “I like that Haman got killed, because he was wicked.”

Joy:  When Esther gave Mordechai the clothing and when Haman was holding the horse and when Haman said bow down to me.”

Menucha: “When Esther became the queen.”

Zalman: “When Haman’s daughter threw garbage on him.”

Musia: “When Haman got hanged up.”

Atarah: “ didn’t tell that she was Jewish.”

Mikey:  “That...King...when Esther...I mean, the girl with the tail dies.”

Shalom: “When…somebody threw the garbage on Haman’s head.”


The children have participated in Purim projects and made clowns and Happy Purim signs.  Adding loose parts, such as wooden pieces, colored rocks, pieces of fabric, along with Purim characters to the block area, inspired the children to create a beautiful palace and to act out the Purim story.


We are learning a really fun Purin song as well as Purim dance!  We are excited to welcome this happiest month of Adar!


Shabbat Shalom,

Morah Raizel