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Pre-K Miss Danielle & Morah Raizel

Pre-K Miss Danielle & Morah Raizel


Greetings from Our Pre-K Classroom  

October 20, 2017     Miss Danielle

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Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!      

      What a great week! We finally had a full week of school, and we got so much accomplished. October is fire safety month, so we spent a lot of time this week discussing how to be safe if we ever see fire. We talked about the role the firefighters have, and why they can be around smoke and fire but we can’t. The boys and girls learned about stop, drop and roll, and how smoke travels up so to crawl on the ground if they are around it. We made a huge list of things that are too hot to touch, and we even had a schoolwide fire drill! Everyone did great. The children wrote their own fire safety sentences (I am safe) and illustrated a way that they would stay safe during a fire. They were all able to write “I” and “am” without any help! They’re also starting to recognize familiar words in books and around the classroom now, and we added a new word to our list! Our current high-frequency words are I, am, and is.

 We also used our estimation jar this week, and estimated how many stuffed animals were in the jar. No one guessed a number higher than 20, (there were 5) which is really great. Typically the children will guess numbers ranging from 2-200 but it’s evident that they’re really thinking and understanding what it means to estimate. Well done pre-k! We also played a number identification game using unifix cubes, and a letter identification game for the letters Mm and Tt. We learned the letter Aa this week and added it to our ABC journals, and I didn’t have to help anyone with the writing! I love seeing the boys and girls trying something even if it isn’t easy or familiar for them. That’s such an important life skill.

 Friday we got to see animals at a petting zoo and we even got to bring in our own stuff animals. What a fun spirit day! It was a really great week. Next week we are swimming on Thursday! Please send in a bathing suit and towel.


**Please send in a family photo for biographies. You can email them to me


                                 October 20, 2017    Morah Raizel  

We are finally back to a full week of school!  It was so nice listening to all of the children share their Simchas Torah experiences.  This week we began learning the first two Torah portions, aka, parshas, in the Torah.  We learned about Adam and Chava in Gan Eden and the tricky snake that caused their downfall.  We learned about the generations that followed and how wicked the people became.  We learned about the tzaddik, righteous man, Noach, who was commanded to build a tayvah, ark.

Noach was a good man, a good man, a good man,

Noach was a Tzaddik in his days


The people all are around him were wicked, wicked,

The people were so wicked, I’m sorry to say.


So Noach built a tayvah, a tayvah,a tayvah,

Noach built a tayvah for everyone to see.


And who do you think lived there, lived there, lived there
Who do you think lived there, Noach’s family.


The rain came pouring down, down, down,

The rain came pouring down, for forty days and nights.


I asked the children if they were Noach, what would bring in the tayvah.


Sholom:        Bringing in a table, chairs, and table cloth.

Mendel:        A toy Lego and coins.

Arielle:         Bringing a barn, tzedakah box, and broom.

Emunah:      Bringing a house, a baby and a dustpan.

Michal:         A Barbie toy with a dreamhouse and dress for the Barbie.

Adele:          A Torah, car and water.

Gittel:           A trampoline.

Liam:            A cat.

Joy:             Clothes, necklaces, my jewelry box, my crib, my blanket, all my stuff in                     my  house, and all my family, $200.00 and 54, candy and T.V., and                     cakes, and  chocolate, a fridge, my bows, my projects, a tablet, and an                     ipad.

Musia:        Blankets, beds, couch, plants, shoes, toys and drinks, tzedakah, torah,                    chairs, alef bais, my socks.

Mikey:        Shoes, dogs, hearts, maybe flowers.

Menucha: Chameleon, a kitchen, table, Mommy and Daddy, computer.

Noa:          My Mommy, my Tatty, and my brother, and my baby, and all of my                     clothes, and all of my food, and all of my toys, and all of my shoes,                     and all of my bedrooms, and my kitties and their food and their bed,                     and my dog, and my Nana and my Zaidy.

Zalman:       Everyone’s houses, a store that you could buy stuff, money, paper and                     markers, envelopes, and paint. 

Shabbat Shalom!




  • Our next swimming day is 10/26. Feel free to send in a bathing suit and towel to store in your child’s cubby.

  • Please make sure your child has a full change of clothing. Things tend to get messy!

  • Please check your child’s folder daily for any information from me or from the administration.