3's Class - Miss Emily & Morah Sarah

     April 20, 2018     

Who else was completely ready to come back to school? Not going to lie, I really enjoyed sleeping in and waking up without an alarm but I also missed the hustle and bustle of our days at school. To say that everyone came back with a whole new attitude is an understatement. Morah Sarah, Morah Shternie and I are completely blown away by the behaviors, choices, and actions of your children. Morah Chanie always says you see the biggest jump in maturity coming back from this break and she is totally right. In our classroom we’re watching our friends communicate with each other. There is less hitting, screaming, and crying and mostly we’re seeing our friends use their words to tell another friend how they feel. We’re seeing thoughtful actions during play. This is the most loving set of children I have ever taught. They all love each other so much and it shows in their play. Friends are taking turns and sometimes they even make completely selfless decisions and will give up a toy to make another friend happy.

Wow, what a busy week! We had Israel on our mind this week with it’s 70th birthday falling on Thursday. We packed the week with tons of fun activities that revolved around Israel. Our Mt. Sinai is done and attached proudly to our window. One side we all had a chance to walk on with squishy paint feet and the other side is painted with grass and flowers. Since spring and almost summer is almost upon us, I took this opportunity to return to a previous subject of interest. I set up our science center to revolve around plants and seeds. On Monday during my circle time we got to each build our own little greenhouse with a plastic bag and a bean seed. They are all hanging in the window for us to observe the seed’s growing process. We also built a couple of “sprout houses” out of sponges and seeds and hope to see the sprouts growing from the roof and around it soon. There is water and books about seeds there for our friends to go over and observe, study, or take care of our plants. I love how this science activity also demonstrates a sense of responsibility. We have to make sure our plants are taken care of or they won’t grow.

During our Judaic lessons we talked a lot about the Kotel, what it stands for, and what we do when we’re there. We taped out a Kotel on the table and our friends got to build on it with tile. We also all talked about what we would write in a letter to leave for Hashem in the Kotel. The answers ranged from toys to food but there were a few answers that truly warmed our hearts. Friends were asking for things for others. We did the activity twice and dictated answers the second time. They are hanging in the window next to our Mt. Sinai.

On Thursday we had a jam packed day. Set up for us to take part in was a little trip around our preschool to take part in different activities to celebrate Israel’s birthday. Our class had an excavation pottery dig, In Ms. Deana’s classroom we made birthday crowns. We went to pre-k and got to sit in front of a mirror and paint our own faces. Then we went to Morah Mimi’s classroom and all wrote a special message to hang on our big Kotel outside in our playground. The celebrations ended with all of us enjoying delicious cupcakes that we and pre-k baked on Wednesday. We all sang Happy Birthday Israel and it was the absolute topic of conversation the entire day.

Another really, really, cool thing that happened this week involved many areas of learning. Now that our friends are more mature Morah Sarah and I are able to try different things that we would never have been able to try at the beginning of the year. Thursday I had a few friends wake up before others during nap. Since doing our journals and reading books is an activity we do a majority of the time if we wake up early, I decided to try something new. I pulled out my deck of Uno cards. I know what you’re thinking…how in the world is a three, almost four year old, going to successfully play a game with that many rules? Let’s give our friends more credit. I love trying things that most people would say in not appropriate for the age. I believe in treating each and every one of your children as truly capable beings that can rise up to the challenges placed before them. Now, we tweaked the game a little. Each of us kept our cards facing up for everyone to see. I explained that when they understand the game better you keep your cards a secret, but for now we can all look at each other’s cards to help each other when we get stuck. I had to go through each turn and ask our friends if they had the proper card to play. Lo and behold, we all understood. By the time Morah Shternie came back for us to go outside and play, I had five friends successfully enjoying the game. Think about the concepts of the cards. It’s packed full of developmental opportunities for a young child; number and color recognition, following directions, critical thinking, and social-emotional development. I was absolutely shocked when our friends accepted the fate of the cards. Nobody cried or got upset when they had to draw cards. Nobody cried or got upset if they had to miss a turn because a skip or reverse got played. Most importantly, nobody cried when they didn’t win. Instead they cheered for the friend that won. Have I ever told you that your children are amazing?

Important Reminders

  Next week will be our next swim day. 

Shabbat shalom,

Ms. Emily and Morah Sarah