3's Class - Miss Emily & Morah Sarah

  February 16, 2018 



Our class has moved on to a new obsession, science and math! Don’t get me wrong, we’re still literature and language obsessed too, but this week it was all about how things work and numbers. I think most of it stemmed from our Circle Time activity for the week. I introduced the story “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” by Eric Carle via felt story. We learned all about our days of the week and numbers. Using a felt story is great when it comes to counting because it shows a clear display of one-to-one correspondence. It’s super easy to see how many make up five oranges when you physically have an orange to place down for each number. Young minds are so visual at this age. If you think about it, they’ve only been on our earth for three, some four, years. Think about how much information that we know and comes so naturally to us now—they don’t know this. If you say five to them they have no frame of reference to compare that to unless you show them. Slowly I’m able to pretty much allow them to tell the story on their own. They provide me the day of the week and the amount the caterpillar is going to eat before I show them the answer. Along with my intended purpose of the lesson came a blossom of exploration. Our friends were so curious about how something that looks like a caterpillar grows wings and becomes a butterfly. I hunted down a few books that had some pictures showing a caterpillar and their cocoon and we tried to figure it out together, because frankly I have no idea either! I plan on making a trip to the library this long weekend to get some more books on the subject. This is one of my favorite parts about being a preschool teacher. It’s interests like this that lead to units of true discovery and learning and by taking advantage of the interest I am attempting to teach with intention. It’s through intentional teaching that I find I make some of my most meaningful connections with my students.

To add coal to the fire of the math interests I made a few math games to set out in the morning. I added a few patterning strips to our multi-colored counting bears. They just consisted of strips of paper with colored circles patterned on them. Our friends can place the corresponding bear on the circle to make out the pattern. The more we introduce this activity our goal is to expand our friends’ thinking. Hopefully they will try to explore different ways they can make patterns. I had one friend exclaim they were making the pattern but in different colors. Of course, this consisted of them putting bears of the wrong color on the circle that started out as a pattern but lost its thunder, but it the intention behind it was an expansion of thought and that’s all that matters. I also cut out small squares of cardboard and numbered them 1-10 and put them out on the table with some clothes pins. My mistake the first day, I didn’t put anything else on the cards so our friends simply enjoyed clipping the clothes pins around the cards, which is fantastic pincher grasp and fine motor work so it wasn’t a true lost. The next day I provided dots around the edges that corresponded with the numbers. Both counting and clipping all around the card occurred!

We are now full fledged into Purim preparations! This week Morah Sarah and Morah Shternie talked about the four customs that come with Purim, the giving of two tzedakah coins, the feast seudah we have, the reading of the Megillah, and the giving of mishloah manot baskets. Our friends really loved playing with our new Purim puppets and having a pretend seudah. We also decorated plates with water colors and busted out the scissors, tape, and paper again to make more paper chains to decorate the classroom for Purim and the month of Adar. We also talked about our last bracha, Shehakol. We made a gigantic piece of candy for our wall using corn syrup colored with liquid water color. It was a sticky experience that left our piece of candy so colorful, sweet smelling, and shiny. We also sponge painted yellow pieces of cheese for our bracha book (some cheese melted all over the page). Now that we’ve covered all of the bracha we just need to make our cover and our books will be ready to go home!

Important Classroom Notes

  • I have already spoken to a few of you, but the time has come. We want you to have plenty of notice, but by the time we come back from Pesach break in April we will not be allowing any diapers to be worn in the classroom unless your child is having an excessive amount of accidents or during nap.
  • We ask that you please provide your children with both a sheet and a blanket at the start of their week. Friends have been showing up without and we don’t have many extras to dole out. We also ask that if your child borrowed our classroom sheets, you please wash and return them as soon as possible.
  • New Preschool policy is that we will not provide ketchup to your child unless it is a school provided food item such as hot lunch or snack. Please provide your child with ketchup in their home lunch if that is a condiment they wish to eat with their food.
  • Our friends get very sad when they don’t have a mitzvah note to put in their train car during our Judaic circle. If you’re not able to write on at drop-off, you’re free to provide your child with a few for the week in their backpack. Just let us know where they are.

Until next week,

Ms. Emily and Morah Sarah