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3's Class Miss Emily & Morah Sarah

3's Class Miss Emily & Morah Sarah


3's Class - Miss Emily & Morah Sarah

December 8, 2017   

Welcome December! It’s crazy to think that we’re in month four of school. It feels like yesterday we were all enjoying summer. This week we’ve been incorporating as much Chanukah as we can through the whole classroom. Our friends are so pumped for the upcoming holiday. This week has been huge for S.T.E.M, or science, technology, engineering, and math. If you haven’t already noticed, we have a very boy heavy classroom. They outnumber us ten to four! Not that our girls care because trust me when I say that they’re just as into the same concepts as all our boys are.

Construction has been huge in our classroom lately. We’ve added Magna Tiles to our toys a few weeks ago and we’re all obsessed with building structures. The biggest challenge is the desire to stuff as much as they can into the structure. It gets very frustrating when it breaks and can’t contain the objects but we’ve been also working on our task persistence. When we build, with anything, we’re not just broadening our spatial concepts but we’re using math concepts, teamwork (some of our friends choose to build as a team), science (cause and effect, this car made it break and not we have to try a different way), and of course engineering.

Our friends are entering different levels of the block building process. Last year, we watched them in the first few phases. We built high and knocked it down, then we repeat. Now, we’re seeing bridging of blocks and actual structures come into fruition. It’s been amazing to see how their thought processes have broadened and what they’re able to come up with.

As I said, with the building of structures comes task persistence. This is something we’ve been working on steadily since September. It’s very, very, easy for our friends to become frustrated when things don’t work exactly the way they want them to. We’ve added a book to our rotation, Winners Never Quit, and when we read it I take the opportunity to relate it back to our problems. Mia got really mad when things didn’t go her way and she gave up. What can we do to keep trying? We’ve come up with some solutions and with careful and patient follow through we should see less tantrums and more problem solving within the play.

Judaic News from Morah Sarah

Chanukah, Chanukah, Chanukah! This week was all about the upcoming Holiday!  We have been practicing the blessing for lighting the Menorah at circle, counting how many candles we light for each night, and discussing the yummy (oily) food we eat to commemorate the oil of the menorah; mainly donuts and latkes. Rabbi Sender held a special oil making workshop that our class participated in. The children picked out olives and saw how oil is made from them!! Ms. Emily would also like to add that the workshop was longer than our usual attention spans could handle and we all sat for the entirety of it! Yay! 

During free time, many students have been choosing to play with dreidels. Trying to spin them, incorporating them in the doll house or adding them to their Lego and magma tile building.  They have been using out pretend Menorah in the dramatic play practicing the blessing and lighting their Menorah. We made our own menorahs using pennies and gold paint.  The kids are very excited to bring them home for the holiday! We have also been practicing hard for our upcoming performance! Last week we provided the lyrics for the Hebrew portion of our song. This is the English addition: 

Sivivon, turn and turn

While the lovely candles burn

What a wondrous holiday; time to sing and dance and play!

Tell the story full of cheer

The great miracle that happened there

It’s the festival of lights!

For eight long days and eight long nights!  

Notes from Teacher  

·         We will be doing a toy drive for the holiday! More information to follow.

·    Our performance is on Wednesday, December 20th. Drop off will be 8:00am and then you will head to the MPR for the show at 8:30am. A regular day of school is to follow.

·      We will no longer be allowing our friends to use classroom pillows at nap. If you would like to provide a small pillow for your child, please send them with your nap items as they are a very popular request at nap.

·     If you have any clothing labeled with an “HA” or “Hebrew Academy”, please return them or I will have no pants to offer friends in times of emergencies.

·        Please check your child’s folders! They are so full!  

Until next week,

Ms. Emily and Morah Sarah