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3's Class Miss Emily & Morah Sarah

3's Class Miss Emily & Morah Sarah


3's Class - Miss Emily & Morah Sarah

October 20, 2017    

Pictures Pictures Pictures!!    

Phew! We made it through our first full week of school in what feels like forever! Classroom behaviors this week were actually pretty surprising. I was expecting meltdowns and separation anxiety but our friends seemed so excited to be back in the classroom! This week we did so much! On Thursday, we had our first swim day in weeks. If I could insert a picture, it would be someone sprawled out on the floor and completely asleep. To say it was a little chaotic would be an understatement. Our friends had a blast swimming and talking about swimming for the entire day, but it was rocky because we clearly all needed nap. I apologize for the cranky at home and we’re definitely going to change around how we do things next time. We are going to move our swim time a half hour forward so that when we get back our friends can still have some time to rest their bodies because it has become apparent that some of our friends have some trouble emotionally regulating when they are beyond themselves exhausted. In addition to that, if your child is still in diapers the company that owns the pool has a very specific request. The child needs to have a swim diaper and in addition to that swim diaper they need a diaper cover, which is worn under the swimsuit. If you need a frame of reference for what it looks like, I can show you an example at school. If you don’t wish to go on a scavenger hunt to find one, the pool does sell them for $10, which you are more than welcome to provide for me and I will purchase on for you.

In addition to swimming, we were very into art this week. We worked so hard to color a new batch of playdough with droppers (fine motor work and task persistence, yay!) and liquid watercolors. I’ve noticed apprehension to art this year so I wanted to try different methods to encourage our friends to visit the art table. Coloring the playdough was a huge hit, so later in the week I extended the activity. I put out coffee filters, droppers, and liquid watercolor. You can see the stunning results polka-dotting our classroom door! For some reason, our friends have also been shying away from sensory experienced. On Wednesday, I was surprised that it bloomed into life on its own. I put out homemade puffy paint (glue, shaving cream, and color). Friends started by painting with brushes and soon a few of our friends were open to using their hands. They squished the paint through their fingers and used their hands as a tool of application. They made big circles on their papers, handprints, and even experimented with color mixing.

During Circle Time we worked more with expressing ourselves during stories. We continued with Billy Goats Gruff, starting with a felt story and leading into our friends taking turns acting out the characters. On Tuesday, each friend was able to act out a character in the story. I fed them the lines and they made choices to perform the characters in their own interpretations. It was so interesting watching them bloom to life, wait their turn, and encourage each other’s accomplishments. It was a great exercise in our own identities and social work. We also had a new song of the week, “The Weather Song”. Our friends loved it and really enjoyed identifying what the weather felt like on that particular day. The tune is to “Oh My Darlin’”:

What’s the Weather, what’s the weather, what’s the weather like today?

Is it rainy, is it sunny, is it hot, or is it cold?

Repeat first line

Is it windy, is it snowing, is it cloudy, is it hot? 

Our Judaic lesson of the week was about Noach and his Tevah. Morah Raizel has been visiting while Morah Sarah is away and she had a very cool felt story to show our friends what this story is all about. Noach and his family lived at the top of the Tevah, the animals in the middle, and the stinky garden at the bottom. Today our friends were welcome to bring their own stuffed animals from home. At Circle Time we each got to talk about our animal and cuddle them at nap. We even had a petting zoo visit! What a neat experience! Our Noach song:



Noach was a good man, a good man, a good man,

Noach was a Tzaddik in his days

The people all are around him were wicked, wicked,

The people were so wicked, I’m sorry to say.

So Noach built a tayvah, a tayvah,a tayvah,

Noach built a tayvah for everyone to see.

And who do you think lived there, lived there, lived there
Who do you think lived there, Noach’s family.

The rain came pouring down, down, down,

The rain came pouring down, for forty days and nights.

Until next week,

Ms. Emily

Notes from Teacher

·         Please return the Ages and Stages questionnaire that you received as soon as you possibly can!

·         Please check your child’s folder (next to the sign in sheet) if not daily, at least weekly.

·         Family Pictures!!!! I feel a little like a parrot but again I will repeat that they are a daily conversation piece in the classroom and the friends that don’t have one feel very left out.

·         Please make sure you sign in and out DAILY.