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Toddler News

    December 8, 2017  


This week we continued with our Chanukah theme! The children learned new songs & stories about the upcoming holiday. They also learned about fire safety. We talked about how fire is very hot and you do not touch it. Our menorahs in our class do not have real flames, but we were able to see the large menorah at our school being lit! It was very exciting for the children.

Books of the Week:

  • The First Night of Chanukah by Nicki Weiss

  • Where is Baby’s Dreidel? By Karen Katz

  • Hanukkah Lights by David Martin

  • Eight Nights of Chanukah Lights by Dian Curtis Regan

  • The Menorah Story by Mark Podwal

  • A World of Holidays by Ann Clark, David Rose, & Gill Rose

  • A Chanukah Present for Me by Lilly Karr and Jill McDonald

Art Activities: Easel painting

Painting cardboard tube menorahs

Dreidel painting


Manipulatives & Sensory: 

Play doh with Chanukah cookie cutters

Placing a variety of candles in our many menorahs

Spinning dreidels

Frying pretend latkes in our sensory table & dramatic play area

Stacking blocks



1 Little, 2 Little Candles

I Have a Little Dreidel

Oh Chanukah, Oh Chanukah


Felt Board Stories & Circle Time Activities: 

Felt Board Story/Song about Antiochus & the Maccabees

Interactive activity, Cleaning the Temple

Interactive game, Searching for the oil

Rainbow Fish

Where is the Oil?

Baby Dreidel Learns to Spin

Five Little Latkes


Music & Movement:

We are the Dinosaurs

Bubbles with the song “Lolipop” by the Chordettes.


Skills Developed:

Spatial Permanence

Crossing the body’s midsection

Math: Concept of small, medium, & large

Fine motor

Large motor 

Shabbat Shalom! Have a pleasant weekend!

Mrs. Anna & Morah Mimi 


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