Toddler News

February 16,  2018  

We are continuing to learn so much about the Purim story. The children are able to tell me which character is which. The queen has a crown , and haman has a triangle hat and looks mean, the king has a crown and a scepter, and queen vashti has pimples.

Book of the week:

  • It’s party time by Jonny zucker
  • Brown bear brown bear by Eric Carle
  • Is it shabbos yet by Ellen Emerman 

Felt Board Stories:

  • The purim characters and their each individual songs. 


“The funny hat”

TTO: (Frere  Jacques)

Hamantashen hamantashen oh so good

I could eat a million I could a million

Yum, yum, yum 

Art Activities:

  • Continued to paint Achashverosh castle.
  • Easel painting outside
  • Made our graggers we added stickers to it
  • Decorated our purim baskets with paint and stickers.

 Sensory & Manipulative:

  • We put little buttons and rocks inside a bottle to make a noisy sound for our graggers.
  • Magnatiles
  • Connecting a car track
  • Pink playdoh and rollers
  • Ramps and cars
  • Used different instruments to make different sounds like thunder and a cow.
  • Making challah dough

Music & Movement:

  • Animal action “Greg and Steve”
  • Going to the zoo
  • Danced and sang with Pom poms and shakers to purim songs.
  • Using streamers danced to a song about haman. 

Morah Mimi & Mrs. Anna